fredag den 25. marts 2011

Christmas Eve all over again

... Except from the fact that I wasn't given these things. It's just that I received 3 packages yesterday and then bought a little something-something today.

The tall sneakers are SO comfortable! I wore them all day today and it was like floating, haha! I'll use them for a cosplay - that was actuallt the whole reason for buying them. That I'll wear them on a normal basis is just a bonus :D
The heels are for this year's "prom" (it's not really prom, just the black tie party). I have a dress already, but I needed some heels in that colour - that is pink/magenta. And then I found these for a nice bargain.
You gotta love eBay!

I've wanted an orange blush for such a long time and finally pulled myself together and bought one. Sadly It's not as vibrant as I'd liked...

I bought another Buzz. Yes, I know. WHAT? But when I dropped him some weeks back I just put the pieces in my bag and walked around with it for the entire weekend. This lead to the helmet getting totally scratched. So I wanted an unscratched one.

Tonight is this year's x-factor finale. I'm rooting for Sarah! She's brilliant - born to be on a stage. The performance from above is my fave - she looks so damn good!


6 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor er de røde sko dog flotte!

    Sarah, sarah, sarah! ~

  2. Omg, the pink heels are amazing! *-*

  3. Looooooooooove the heals omg omg omg <3

  4. awesome shoes!
    and I'm curious what cosplay you are doing? ^-^

  5. Babou ødelagde totalt aqua-sangen TT.TT det gjorde mig så ked af det

  6. I need some new sneakers :c Yours are so simple and awesome!
    The pink ones have the same design as a pair that you could buy at Bianco earlier this year :D Love the 3 bows, super cute!