mandag den 26. februar 2018

Cinematic productivity

2018 dawned. I threw myself into the Golden Globes nominees and had a wonderful night binging The Marvelous Ms Maisel.

Last January I didn't draw at all, and I was determined not to repeat that art block this year. 

So I went to Glypto January 2nd to get back into it and it was such a good time. I listened to TAZ while drawing and when I was about to leave, the sun was setting in the most beautiful way with golden rays gleaming through the halls.

Rasmus and I started the ultimate Infinity War warm-up with a Marvel movie a week! Captain America is still a gem, largely due to Steve's portrayal and the excellent side characters. Iron Man and Hulk has aged very poorly in comparison.

It was a chilly month and I wrapped up! And I went to the zoo most weeks.

A new rhino was born and I saw it on its' 2nd day in life. It was so tiny!

I had dinner at Stine's before going to the opera to see opera. Die Zauberflüte was on and I listened to Mozart's lovely melodies while trying to stay entertained - it was tougher than had thought. The play included contemporary and period costumes and existed in this time conundrum that really bugged me.

I looked nice tho haha!

Another week upon me with drawing, spending my Magasin gift card on a Karen Millen and getting tickets for VOID.

We also made time for a dinner and a movie to watch Three Billboards! And I had Katrine over to finish Pride and Prejudice. She loved it and I never say no to a re-watch.

I had bought tickets for me and mum to a Sound of Music screening at Huset, this tiny little volunteer cinema. It was a super fun event and a lovely Sunday plan.

Tina asked me to go wedding dress shopping with her and she decided on a dress! Afterwards I went to the Design Museum for the first time! 

They had a haute couture exhibition that was really cool to draw from.

I hung out with friends, saw the Golden Globes with my award season buddy and Maria and I got our revenge on the failed New Years karaoke plan - I got my old Playstation to work on computers !

I also went to a Monday figure drawing session and was surprised to see some TAW faces there! The model was an acrobat and it was great fun to sketch him.

I then got my own Christmas presents through the door - Harry Potter duvet brought home from England by Tina and a lounging robe taken from my Hollywood golden age dreams.

I went to the January sketch meet.

 I made a rash decision to go to Paris. I packed on Monday and went figure drawing in the evening.

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