torsdag den 22. februar 2018

Home Stretch

Stephen then became an old man and we celebrated him in magical girl style. And I managed to get his visiting sister into pepper-ing him a little bit.

Halloween came and John talked to his dressed-up kids. And I did the impossible - a complete Inktober haha.

The next day I met up with Marie-Louise for sushi after watching Thor: Ragnarok with Catie at the TAW-screening. We had a really nice night.

Work work work.

I got these fluffy earrings and felt super cute.

And then I went to Silkeborg one last time for their Housewarming party. It was a really chill morning and the next day was spent at the board gaming meet in town.

Then we went to a torch walk and felt like we were in Indiana Jones or National Treasure.

I stayed over again and in the morning we watched the end of Chamber of Secrets - the movie we had fallen asleep to last time haha. I then headed into Aarhus to meet up with Mum. We walked around and then saw the most beautiful sunset from Salling's rooftop.

After taking in the view and eating the year's first Æbleskiver, we went on a science-fiction experience as part of Aarhus Culture City.

It was an audiovisual experience and it felt more immersive than I had thought possible inside a city!

Back in Viborg and eating Italian.

Staying classy.

We did a baking Sunday which was super nice.

And then we entered the home stretch, the final project.

Which we handled swimmingly, as you can tell.

I also got to go to this hybrid concert with jazz and Indian music and it was cool to feel cultural in Viborg haha!

We finally took Manon's kite out for a spin.

Which ended badly for Lilee in the mud. And we went to one of the TAW talks about staying on model!

Saturday there was a projection show on the church that we saw the end of before going to the lake to try and see stars - there were too many lights though.

So I went out later at night.

Then I finally noticed that my pain from Volleyball wasn't improving, so I went to the doctor's and the hospital. It was the final week and I had a sprained thumb - well done, Liv.

Wednesday we went for a fancy dinner.

And had some goofs.

I tried working, but took so many frustrating breaks. But the pain started subsiding the last day.

 So I got to a good point and had cleaned up about half of the project in time for the pitch. We did good, all of us, and took some photos to commemorate the occasion.

 I meditated for a little after the pitch, and Manon snapped my photo haha.

I got the gang to go bowling as a celebration - this idea had come to me before my drawing/bowling hand had been wrecked haha. So I used my wrong had and it was truly horrible - still fun though!

We were all sooo tired, most of us having been up all night. But we stayed awake a long time and even went by the party to dance.

Sunday I had invited Emma and Smølf to Viborg and we went for brunch and then to the library to play board games!

When we got there, a jazz band were blasting music, which made learning a new game challenging - but it also created a nice mood. They even played Christmas songs! We ate the super-citrus-y bonbons from Japan until we couldn't feel our mouths haha.

And then we said our Jutland goodbyes!
I then went to the chillout where Janneke's Dutch troupe had brought their own board games.

But we soon got roped into assembling a puzzle, which Harpa and I became obsessed with and finally completed in the early hours.

So Monday I just slept in. It took me way too long to realise that my bed could rise, but it provided me with great comfort during my last weeks haha!

I then headed to Lindy, which was a super fun session that dragged on. And then I went to the final dinner, where I'd brought pancakes and Pablo had brought amazing homemade caramel. It was a fabulous treat. We then said our goodbyes.

And Tuesday I packed up shop and drove back to Copenhagen.

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