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Norwegian Fireworks

I got back to Copenhagen in time for Christmas to kick off and the super moons to start appearing.

 There was a sketch meet that first weekend that I was back and Tenna got me to come along. It was very nice and we stayed for a very long time haha.

There was also time for the annual 1st-weekend-Christmas-candy-creation event at K&Ts.

 And then Serena came to stay over. We took a long walk in the frozen moor.

I then took her to Tivoli where we walked some more haha. We zig-zagged quite a lot and ended up spending 4 hours in the park.

 She thought it was very special.

 She tried winning Toblerones but ended up with a movie keychain - just as good!

At midnigt her friend came to Denmark and we slept for a while before getting up to enter Glyptoteket when they opened - there was quite a crowd!

We saw a lot of the collection and sketched for some hours.

 Afterwards we took lunch at Papirøen before it closed down late December.

We stuffed ourselves with cheesecake and then said our goodbyes as I hurried to Nordhavn to meet Maria.

We were sailing to Oslo! And the first 10 minutes on board were filled with way too many Titanic references - including an actual Kate interview on the telly. TIMING. We survived though, and woke up to snowy landscapes passing by. And when we docked it was even snowing a little!

We walked into the city and to a few of the SKAM places, and it was fun to see the actual city layout. We sat for a while at the confession bench in the park and made jokey confessions ourselves before getting a hot beverage.

 Oslo looked so cute with all its' soft colours. And then we went to the national gallery!

The gallery had some truly wonderful works showcasing the Norwegian way of life. And seeing Munchs was truly captivating - I never knew Skriget was painted on cardboard!

The lights were different from the Copenhagen ones!

As our last stops on the 7-hour Oslo layover we went to a few vintage shops. One of them looked amazing in terms of decorations etc., but we actually ended up both buying something at this tiny shop called Robot.

Back on the ship we ate our 7-11 sandwiches and then went down to the bar for the music quiz and a drink. The kids went hyper and we had so much fun observing them haha. And then we had to try and fall asleep while a bit seasick...

 I came back to Harry Potter presents from Tina, whom had just returned from Leicester. I was so happy!! And I also fixed my jacket from Oslo and I haven't stopped wearing it since - such a great 200 kr buy!

I was so happy to see snow in Oslo, but only a few days later we got some in Denmark too!

 It was very light, but still nice.

 Spending time with the Broe kitties is always therapeutic.

 And it isn't really December until you have a Christmas tree! So we bought one the second Advent.

 Later that night I went to a premiere of The Greatest Showman weeks ahead of its' release with Katrine. The production of the event was really cool and they had a house dance performance before the screening. And some of the performers wore the original costumes!

I also went to a Christmas event with Mum - a dinner screening of Love Actually.

 And then it was finally time for Star Wars! We saw it in Big Bio, which was amazing since it's such a long film. The seats can lie down and there's a foot rest and we changed position a trillion times during the film.

I then felt it was time to re-dye my locks.

It looked so cute and vibrant! I left the colour in much longer this time.

I started listening to The Adventure Zone and it made me want to walk much more - because then there's no distractions.

We had a small dinner with Tina and the family and played Truthbombs for the first time!

I scored tickets to the Harry Potter quiz super last minute and had a great night with Stine and Emil - we got in 8th place or something like that?

 I dressed for the occasion of course haha. And the chilly nights made bath times essential.

And then shit hit the fan and all the electronics in my life failed me. So I had to get a new tablet and through a lot of trial and error finally found some RAM that didn't make my computer die. Thanks for that electronic virus present, Christmas!

 And then the 24th arrived with all its' baked goods and Disney cartoons.

 My uncle had bought this terrifying singing Santa...

And I felt like a Christmas tree!

Duck was delicious, Santa came and made the kids anxious and we got around the tree with songs. It was a nice, drama-free Christmas.

The next morning my cousin came with her kitties and our two families played Truth Bombs before mine wheeled on back home.

Our little tree was decked out too!

I got my new lamp installed and then went to Marie's birthday at Bastard the next day!

My aunt came to visit and we decided to go to zoo for a change. It was nice with a real family outing!

 There was another sketch meet in Sandra's honour and we went to Sukiyaki to eat dinner.

 After dinner I went into Tivoli to meet up with Stine and the olive. It was raining and cold, but we're Danish right?? That doesn't deter us!

We made a round and then saw the fireworks - a special treat that is rare in Tivoli. The explosions were huge and the booms defeaning - it was crazy haha!
Cold to my core, I got myself a Lumumba upon my return.

And then the final day of the year arrived. I spent most of it editing a 2017 video since I've experienced so much. And then I headed to Maria's for a sushi dinner, delicious Katrine cake and kransekrage with lots of nougat that made it so good.
Maria found some party hats for us the wear and we played with glitter and danced and talked until it became January 1st.

I glammed up for send off 2017 in style.

And that was it! CUT!

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