onsdag den 4. april 2018

Paris pleut

I made a pretty spontaneous decision to go to Paris for a few days when January changed into February and Manon was able to host me! She was busy with her comic book so I did my own exploring.

I also filmed a ton!

I spent some time sketching around Trocadero and felt like I was in Ladybug. And then Maja had recommended that I go to the Branly and it was super cool!

The masks have clearly been used for reference for a ton of movies and it's cool to see the originals. And the museum also had this illuminted garden!

I then walked further down the Seine, taking it in. When I got back home, Manon and I headed out for some crêpes.

And the next day I headed to my gothic mansion. It was so gorgeous! The arches looked magnificent.

And I also went into Notre Dame (with no line!) and almost cried. I had goosebumps all over because it was so beautiful. It was actually more emotional going alone.

It really is the heart of Paris for me.

 This was also the day where it KEPT drizzling, all day. It never stopped. But the croissant I bought was the best one I've ever had - even in the rain.

 I then headed to the ElfQuest signing event and out for dinner with Benjamin! We had tacos and I felt like I was in LA again haha. It was nice chatting with him about life and outside of a convention context.

I came home to a great full moon. And of course I watched Ratatouille while in its' city.


I got to the Louvre pretty late but there still wasn't any line! Incredible. This was my last free visit, as I'll be too old next time I go.


I focused on the Egyptian exhibits, as I've never seen them.

 I spent some good hours looking at their extraordinary pieces and listening to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack - one of my better ideas in recent memory.
I then walked through the entire museum to try and get to the Liberty painting only to find out that the hallway was closed off.

The first two photos here was in the same painting - so filled with great emotions haha. And I fell in love with that panorama.

My camera died at the Louvre because I had filmed too much so I had to track down a photography shop that could charge the battery for me. I finally found one south of Notre Dame and did some cafe sketching while waiting for it to charge.

 I then swung by my old neighbourhood around Les Halles before getting changed for the Opera! I barely made it in time because the metro was so full of people that I had to wait for another train a few times. I saw a modern opera called Only the Sound remains, but I honestly just wanted to see the opera in its' function instead of just going as a tourist.

 Every little loge had their own entrance and a little foyer - so extravagant!

 I had my Anastasia moment and spent the hours in the opera in a happy daze. It is a marvel.


Day broke once again. I also forgot to mention just how central Manon lived...

This was my last day and I packed it full! I walked through the park to head to the Orangerie.

Monet's paintings left you feeling transported when presented on the oval walls. Breathtaking! Everyone just sat down on the benches and stared in wonder.

 After spending days in Paris where I had been met with no lines anywhere, I made my way to the catacombs pretty nonchalantly. And that's where I got my line. 1,5 hours of it!

It was a fun walk though, and I liked how empty it was because they do crowd control.

I then met up with Suheb for cider and crêpes and we surprisingly chatted like old friends. 

I stopped by Montmatre to look for vintage finds and to climb the hills to get the view.

And it was gorgeous, the light was just right.

Paris was flooded due to heavy rain falls and it made for a very watery Seine - and bridges and walkways covered. I loved catching those people under the bridge haha! And that was it. My time in Paris had run out.

I packed up and headed for the airport - a journey that would come to take 2,5 hours and made me miss my flight. So I had to wait in the airport all night... I watched Dirk Gently to pass the time.

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