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Autumn Bricks

Week 4 started and our instructor was TV-boarder Sam Alden. His stay coincided with the Viborg Animation Festival, so his first week was very busy - most nights I watched two movies in the cinema haha. The best experience was watching Akira. After the screening I just sat in silence and when Sam asked what I thought, the conversation went something like "It was........." "Yeah, I know".

My hair lost colour pretty fast, so I tried to take lots of photos.

And the week wasn't easier going to figure drawing too haha. But it didn't feel stressed, it was all good experiences!

We played tons of cards and games - I even brought out my Sorte Per. And Serena kicked Sam's chess butt around midnight on the Friday.

 Saturday was the big festival day. They had a games expo that we went to, but Emma and I also went to a manga art exhibit.

We watched the cosplay walk and said hello and goodbye. It was such an odd event and I nearly didn't manage to talk to people before they had to leave Viborg.


 But the night was super fun, what with watching the projection in the rain and then dancing for hours and hours.

We started playing with the lights and had a super good time.

In the morning I got up at an unholy hour in relation to when I slept, but it was for a good cause - I was doing a VR experience. It was so cool and also made me feel anxious because I'm afraid of small heights and one of the VR scenes landed you on a tall tree's branch.

The work room we had was never really cold, so I was able to keep wearing my cuter clothes.

Wednesday in week 5 we had a dinner together which was nice but dragged on for too long seeing as we all were working on our projects and only had a day left haha. It was a good time though.

Sam got talking about this weird Shakespeare game and he showed us the next day. It was something else...

Our pitches went pretty good and we ended the two weeks with Sam on a high note outside in the sunshine.

And then we played some more cards ahha.

We stayed in the room dancing and chatting until late and then went around the city the next morning, ending at the library playing games.

Week 6 started with Ian Abando laying out the plan for his two weeks. I did some gag studies of dear Edgar's Shaun of the Dead.
And Lindy Hop had started a few weeks into my stay began. It was so nice to be able to dance again and with the same group of people - it meant that we progressed so much during the months I danced.

We ate outside most breaks, trying to keep the winter at bay. And sooner than we'd liked, the week had passed. I ended up getting free tickets to the schoolism workshop in Copenhagen, so I went ahead and booked some GoMore lifts. It was my first time using the service! I liked it better than the train, that's for sure.

I decided to go Saturday morning and miss the first talk rather than stress about getting a ride the same day I got the ticket. That did mean that I missed the Culture Night by just that one day hahah, but I mean, I hadn't had time to plan what I would have liked to see anyway. 
The first day's highlight was Crash, who talked about his career with little airs and a lot of heart. I really liked to see his reference photos of himself and how he talked about not being confident in his own work without it.

At night on the Saturday, I ate at the Broe's and took Rasmus with me to the networking event where we chatted with a lot of nice people. 
The main event was at Cinemateket and it was nice seeing the gardens again.

John Nevarez' talk was really clear and impressive and I managed to get some Indian food in my belly with my nearest before getting my ride back to Viborg. And then when I got home I even skyped with Michelle! It was a busy weekend haha.

Monday we just kept working on our projects and I went for my walk to the bakery to buy my rye.

We had a dinner for the South American guys leaving and ended up playing Werewolf for a few hours with a large group.

We finished a stressful week of fireplaces (Ian's wonderful idea).

Manon gave us fake freckles and we played games in a wind-down session.


Saturday was the big John day where he ended up staying with us for 14 hours haha. It sounds crazy.

Dino hunt.

And a long Sunday walk around the lake, past a haunted area and through golden autumn leaves.

The next week was John Coven, and by this point we were getting tired haha. Lilee as proof.

We hung out with John Coven in the chillout area one of the nights, him talking our ears off with tales.

Friday came again and it was the 11th hour for the Halloween party.

I styled Serena's hair and I've never seen anything more 80s in my life. 

The Party was super crammed but we still stayed until pretty late - especially since we were getting up early to go to Legoland the next day.

Bertha, our ride.

Serena, our driver.

 Legoland, our destination.

It was wet in the beginning and a little sad to look at, but we still managed to have a good day with 4D movies and Kim Possible-lasers. It was weird having small flashbacks from the time I went when I was 4...

 I really remembered this Native American area. It was also during the Halloween season at the part, so it felt more festive like that.

 The decorations were a little half-assed most places, but we thought it was hilarous.

The Lego City was really impressive and it looked really pretty in the twilight. We ended up leaving before the fireworks because it got really cold and the park didn't have ANY places of warmth - even the restaurants were pretty chilly.

The girls gave me a ride to Silkeborg, where they found out that I was actually sleeping over - they thought they'd driven out of their way in order for me to fetch something haha.

We had a nice night chatting and spent the day walking and napping haha. #thedream

It was the perfect time for a fall walk - the colours were deep and the sun in the right spot.

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