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TAW begins

 It's officially 2018!! But I have 4 months of life to catch up on on the blog. So let's go back in time, to September 3rd....

We drove to Viborg on the Sunday before classes started, had lunch at For Enden Af Gaden after realising that absolutely nothing is open on Sundays and then I started unpacking after bidding my parents goodbye.

I finished up and went to meet my classmates at our future classroom building. We hung out for a few hours and then headed back to get some rest for the coming beginning.

The 1st week was mostly Film History and some thumbnailing exercises.

So we had time to spend afternoons and nights together.

 Highlights of the week included sketching perspective at the library and grabbing a beverage outside at a cafe while heavy rain was falling around us. Later that Friday I went to a house party at Leon-etc.'s and I was really happy to have started off my stay being included - it made the following weeks easier, being able to recognize some faces.
Saturday we watched El Dorado in Serena's room, just down the hall from me. We had made cookies while listening to Moana and Hamilton before the others joined us. Super nice evening! We quickly learned that there were better ways to watch movies on campus...

Sunday we headed on down for the opening of the Manga exhibition at the local museum, an early part of the Animation Festival.  They had some beautiful pieces and we spent all afternoon there!

 We even ended up in the local news haha.

It was fun to go through the different eras together, giggling at the now seemingly humerus proportions.

They had a live talk with a japanese stop motion animator that I peeked into, but a large portion of our time went to scrutinizing the books on Tekkonkinkreet's storyboards. They had the whole film, so we could calmly sit with our own binders.

They were pretty crazy. Handdrawn all the way through, as is the Japanese way.

 2nd week Monday Blues. Literally. I dyed my hair.

Tuesday I went to the bakery for my weekly rye.

I had been scared of a straight dye line so I had quickly washed out the colour - so the result was a little weak.

 Studies and small Red Riding Hood drawings.

 We ended the week at the bi-weekly bar.

3rd week was the Storyboard Pro tutorial week, so we had a pretty good learning curve.

We had A LOT of time to socialize and watched a lot of movies together in the Temple. Kingsman as warmup.


 That Friday we went to a cafe to chat and chill and Rena and I went for a walk around the lake afterwards.

We stopped for a long sketch and chat session at a little bridge.

Saturday I went to Silkeborg to visit Emma and Smølfen. It was so nice to see their faces and just relax in their company. We saw an old spooky bunker and walked around the woods.

 The colours were starting to change all over and it felt magical.

 We saw the red sand and the cleanest spring in Denmark (which tasted horribly iron-y) and they showed me the sculptures outside the museum.

The weekend topped off when we went to watch Kingsman 2, which I had been looking forward to for SO long. I was happy enough, but had a big problem with the women's portrayal in the film. Sunday we got in some board gaming before Emma drove me back to Viborg. Perfect way to gear up to 4th week!

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