onsdag den 30. marts 2016

Universal Finals

Finals week arrived. Which, for me, was a pretty uneventful week as I neither had classes nor exams. So I actually had time to enjoy the blooming flowers on campus.

And time to go to Universal. Me and Mireira had decided to go and was walking into the park when a guy handed us a map of Wizarding World, saying that it was open today.

We freaked out a little but decided to walk around a little before entering Harry Land. But when we got to the gates we just couldn't resist...

So we entered, 24 days before the official opening.

It was really weird. Because it was a surprise soft opening, none of us were sufficiently hyped. Naturally, it was magical. It is Harry Potter, after all. But the park wasn't filled at all, Hogwarts was basically empty and there was not really any fans present + the staff wasn't completely ready yet.

I shot some footage from our trip.

We decided to leave Harry for a little bit to go explore the rest of Universal. And since it was a Monday, there were no lines. I enjoyed the decor in the Mummy attraction, but it was almost to wild for me, haha. The drop in the Jurrassic Park scared me big time before going on, but turned out to not be bad. And we didn't even get wet!

We had filled out a survey coming into the park which gave us a fast-track to the studio tour, the only thing with a crazy line. So that was really nice!

I did enjoy the tour, but we quickly went back to Hogsmeade to dine at the Three Broomsticks. The food was actually surprisingly good. Leaving the establishment.... we saw Steven Spielberg. So that was pretty damn exciting.

I spent the next days relaxing. Baking and sleeping in. And when midnight came, I participated in the finals week midnight yell - a campus tradition. Everyone lives to close to each other, so we can hear everyone.

I even had time to do a bit of editing! Before packing for Spring Break and San Francisco.

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