onsdag den 16. marts 2016

Animating Baskets

We had been talking about going grocery shopping all weekend. Sunday night arrived and we still had not gone. So we looked at each other and exchanged some "should we?" looks before shaking our heads. We then talked about boy bands and laughed for about an hour before we looked at each other again - and went.

We were all wearing pyjamas and walked through a basically empty Ralphs. So that was an experience. We had fun and treated ourselves to some discounted Ben and Jerry's!

 Academically I was hard at work. Under a month left of the quarter and puppet not yet finished (I will be making a making-of puppet post). And the good ol' LA rain visited quite a bit.

I was working more on side stuff as well for my portfolio. I even made an online portfolio website! So that was time consuming!

More foggy mornings at campus. And then March 1st arrived and I applied to Pixar's Story Internship. People have applied for years before eventually getting in - so chances are slim! I'm just going to try and find an internship opportunity while I am here.

I went to a party for Europeans that was very college-y but the vibe was very weird there. So I was very happy to go to the Winter Animation Screening the next day and socialize better. The screening was (too) long, but filled with great short films - and the hours spent in the animation room after were relaxed and hilarious.

That first week of March was very... sweet. Cakes, candy, long chat with Rikke, the works. 
And a cat came to stay! It is moving away after Spring break though.
 Probably best with my allergies and the fact that it loves my bed a little too much.

It was the last home game of the basketball season. So I guess I am glad I went to it - Kimya felt the same (Senior year and all). It was just very tiring to have to get up all the time and then sit back down. My feet were killing me in the end.
Because it was the last game it was Senior's Night. Which in this case meant photo-op on the field. So we went for it. 

I gotta say I am a big fan of the live big band.  
And I finally went to see Zootopia with Hannah. The ONE time I am in the US it comes out months before in Denmark??? Typical.

Sunday of Martha Wants a Kiss my phone started having this shadow in the left side. The shadow then grew to a black blob which slowly took over the entire phone display. Rest in pieces. I spent sooo long trying to figure out to get my phone backed up without being able to see the screen. Finally bought the right cable and was able to connect the phone to our TV.

And I got mail from back home. Small accessories and another Danish troll (not talking about myself, the girls owned one before I moved in). A good pick-me-upper to bring a smile to my face - which can be difficult doing Finals week(s) where the atmosphere everywhere is tense.

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