tirsdag den 22. marts 2016

Stop Motion Puppet WIP

Here is my rundown of how I made my Witch puppet!

We started by making the armatures - these were pretty simple wire ones made of aluminium and steal bound together by string. The arms were secured onto the body with epoxy putty.

We then used cotton pads and athletic tape to build up some muscle!

And Suzy and I met up for a crafting afternoon of muscle work and sculpting with Sculpey. Her puppet is the slender one!

I was working off of my scaled design drawing. I am very satisfied with my sculpt. Only problem might be the very small mouth-area - but it works for this specific project as it is without dialogue. Still, I had to make quite a few mouths. And pupils and eyelids... It feels so weird to spend so long on a miniature product.

And how the sculpt looked with some acrylic paint and a few of the replacements applied with wax!

Then came hands. Smaller wires with more thread. And then balloon latex mixed with acrylic. It was really tricky to get a colour that looked like her face - the latex dries darker!

Testing for colour combinations and then after some sowing on the machine I borrowed from a friend of the family!

Then came hair. I started with a spongy white core and then started gluing the embroidery thread on top, starting with the darkest colours and moving my way up my nuances. I used Joanne's for the appliance and then a coat of Elmer's to stiffen everything up when I was finished.
Then I made the final (so far) touches - sowed her witch hat and glued some jewels on her underskirt. 

Finished! Maybe. Her cape is difficult to animate with, so I might have to change it.

And a group photo with everyone's puppets!

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