søndag den 13. marts 2016

Lunar Springtime

February arrived with big Lunar Year festivities all over town. Since about 43 % of UCLA is Asian, it was a big event on campus too. Regitze and I went to an event together where you could make your own lanterns and other creative things. It was nice enough to celebrate a little - even though we were the only Caucasians unaccompanied by Asians.

We kept watching the Bachelor on some free weekday during the week. Sometimes with cake, sometimes with tea, and sometimes while applying nail polish all at the same time.

Halfway through February we agreed to head to the beach after a very long, hot week. And we were not in luck - it was cloudy, cold and slightly horrible. We went to a few stores though and then went for a short walk on the beach.

I did get to dip my feet in though. Granted, mostly through willpower as it was colder than I am willing to admit.

We drove to a nearby fabric store too. I got to go through their pile of 1 dollar scraps - perfect for puppet scale.

When we got back we decided to make pancakes. The girls even have a crêpes machine thing to make it easier. So why not??

Flowers are in bloom everywhere both now and a month ago. Only problem - every time they reach their high point, it starts raining and they get torn to pieces. So sad.

What is weird is that these spring flowers are in bloom at the same time as orange leaves lie on the ground everywhere. Autumn and Spring all at once....


I don't know why. But noticing that cat doodle every time I pass the humanities building makes me very happy. It is just so random and delightful.

My parents left me with rye bread. I saved it until I felt a craving and then ate it with salmon. It was so good. The cardboard bread they have here just isn't a valid replacement.

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