søndag den 13. marts 2016

Galla à la LA

Valentine's Day was spent doing nothing until I had incoming guests from Berkeley. Julie came with her friends from the international house up there and we sat on the sunny rooftop for some hours. It was really great seeing her!
Kimya struck gold and found the only woman selling tickets to this Moulin Rouge event I had been dying to go to. She even agreed to go with me! So we dressed up and drove Downtown.

We stood in line for a little bit before they opened the doors. We were very happy that we hadn't gotten there early since our fancy outfits were not equipped for any cold. And we were starting to feel chilly when we were permitted entrance. 
The location was absolutely beautiful. Our jaws kind of dropped. It was a perfect setting.
It is an old Hollywood theatre four stories tall. Ground floor had a DJ play Moulin Rouge-y tunes from the upstairs balcony. Downstairs they had cocktails and jazz.

That fancy, long hallways? The ladies' lavatories. And the selfie-room is part of the lavatory section - because of course it is necessary to have a massive powder room.


We were a bit surprised to find out we had two hours to kill before the show started. So we figured we'd stand in line to get our photo taken at the booth. While waiting there I had my first LA celebrity sighting: Vanessa Hudgens. Kimya freaked out a little when we made eye contact with her, haha!

We then hurried to the stage area and saw a magician finish up his tricks. And some dancers tried to can-can. When the curtains pulled apart on Baz Luhrman's masterpiece I got chills. It felt pretty magical. 
That feeling quickly disappeared though. The sound quality was rubbish throughout the whole screening and the projection was not saturated enough. People were yelling and a great amount of people walked out. The people that stayed behind were die-hard fans and some started to sing a bit.

When we left I had a headache (which I never get). I enjoyed some parts of the event, but it was a one-time experience for me. I loved getting that old Hollywood feeling and dressing up though!

 We drove back and our driver had free candy. We were hungry so we took quite a few, haha!

A week passed and then I went on my second weekend shoot: Martha Wants a Kiss.  I can feel a slight change in the amount of sun hours. Days are getting longer - so when I walked to the location in the early morning it was no longer pitch black. It was very foggy though!

I was working with the same team as last time. You could really tell they had improved since that first shooting - they are on a different film shoot every weekend. Wild. And a photo of the catering that was left late Sunday.
It was the same weekend as the Oscars though. I was feeling a bit sad that I had not been able to plan any Oscar stuff this year - seeing as I actually WAS in LA this time. My Costume Designer let me go early on Sunday though so I could make it to a screening on campus.

I dressed up as always. The other people did too, just not as much. I didn't really care though. It was slightly weird to see the show at a smaller event than I am used to - the James Bridges Theatre only houses around 300 people. Back home it's like 1300 - and all in fancy dress.

In the commercial breaks they turned off the sound and had people performing stand-up and improvaganza. It was kind of great! I went with Mireia and Regitze and we enjoyed ourselves. The huge applause for Leo was really funny as well.

Mireia went to a talk show in the Dolby Theatre after the on-campus live stream. Let's just say I was pretty jealous. If I had the chance, I would do things differently and have done something more ... BIG. HOLLYWOOD. It's not every day you are where it happens. But this was adequate enough!

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