torsdag den 12. november 2015

Half Term Happenings

Days getting shorter and weather getting colder, I somehow found myself starting half term.

A great Copenhagen tradition was repeated: KulturNatten. Cultural events to kick off the half term every year. This time I went with Rasmus and Maria + a ton of internationals. It was great fun to show the event to people not familiar with it!
We went to the National Museum's Tolkien themed opening and tried our hands at archery! It was a long queue but worth it - and one of the guys even broke one of the long bows...

We then went for a light snack - free pancakes made over an open fire. That was a challenge...

Thorvaldsen's illuminated their sculptures throughout the night and the different setting made them all the more interesting.

We even got a flashlight to light up details we wanted to see clearer. The theme was "world submerged in water".

We then headed to the Jewish Museum. It never fails to make me slightly dizzy - the architecture is screwing with your sense of perspective etc.

We went by Arbejdermuseet on our way to Botanisk Have where we just made it in time to see the green house in beautiful colours.
It was such a good evening! It was not as cold as other years (even though the Americans thought it was freezing). We did end up going for a drink at Studenterhuset to get warm though.

The next evening I went to Kit's 25th birthday. It was so good to see people from the old gang. It's so odd to have gone from seeing each other as a group every week to only once in a while. 
Kit even made a Kit Kat cake !

Monday Louis and Maria joined me at Bastard Café. We played board games for many hours and just had such a nice time. And afterwards I went to my first ever croquis session - and I was complemented a lot for my work which felt really nice.

Then came GeekCore (will be posted seperately) and in the middle of the convention... Sophie and Mikkel's wedding!
It was such a special experience to be inside Vor Frue Kirke since you are not normally permitted to get married there. And to share their day was so nice.

I made this video of clips I recorded throughout the day as a little extra wedding present.
It truly is special how many people I've gotten to know through the years inside the community. Sophie had invited so many friends - since we've all been a part of each other's lives for so long.

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