fredag den 9. oktober 2015

Creative Specs

Tribal makeup sweeped the nation and I just had to join ! It was such a great feeling to wear this hahah - I did NOT want to take it off.

I went to the DR Frit Spil event a week ago to partake in the cosplay catwalk.

The event was hosted by DR and it was really weird wearing cosplay in the halls of the Danish media house.

But it was nice to hang with some bbys.

And we had personalized dressing rooms!

Monday we went to the quiz night at Søhesten. The questions were real hard and that took some of the fun out of it. Still had a nice time though!

You can still feel like a million bucks with greasy hair.

I've turned up the drawing again. Or rather I'm drawing by hand instead of digitally. It's fun getting back to irl medium!
And my Swan Princess necklace arriveeeed.

Cold autumn nights calls for magic.

I've been using my Vespa a lot before it gets too cold. 

AND I GOT INTO UCLA!!!! I'm happy but suddenly also very stressed. So much to plan...

Going out with bbys such as Pernille and Izzy can end in weird earring stains?

Me and Izzy went to this flea market where you paid what your stuff weighed! Pretty fun. I found four super nice things (such as the baseball jersey from further up).

AND I've been baking in my new glasses. Yup.

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