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Full-on Nerdy London

From October 21st to 26th I grabbed my Spy girls and we went to London! We stayed at Pernille's friend Katja's house and it was lovely - we even had an entire room for ourselves!

After grabbing some good British grub we went to The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. It was the girls' first time and my second. I reckoned that it was worth the visit since they had specials up for the Halloween season and a thing like the platfORM 9 3/4 HAD BEEN ADDED.
I didn't photograph a lot because I went ahead and filmed a bunch - see above.

We had a really good time even though we were a bit pressed on time - we saw it all in a little over 3 hours. That is the time Warner Bros. tell you is the duration... But we felt pretty stressed. And I had even been before. 
I got to go to Hogwarts and selfie with my favourite (probably?) prop of the series - the clock.


The Platform 9 3/4 got emotional pretty quickly. Stine and I had to wait a bit for Pernille and the anticipation just made it so much better. We were just jumping in place and shaking our chills off. And that moment when you saw the train - just wow. I kept my cool but when Stine broke down we couldn't help joining in.
Seeing Hogwarts was just as overwhelming - but it really isn't fair either to place it at the very end. You are so filled with emotions after that whole tour!

Liv - Triwizard Champion. How does that sound??
It was such a lovely time. Harry Potter never fails at bringing joy and bittersweetness and we really bonded over it.
But sweet baby jesus we were busted afterwards. Since we'd gone in the evening (added spooks, added atmosphere outside) we didn't get to Woolwhich until midnight. And then we went to Tesco's for what felt like an eternity...

Thursday we slept in and then Pernille stayed at home while Stine and I went to Kingsman locations!
It is really silly how much this film means to me but it just excites me so much. Seeing the locations really just improved my fanaticism.

The Black Prince pub looked pretty real in the film so I was actually a bit surprised that the interior was not the right one. But they do wreck the entire thing, so it's natural that they would build a set.
And we happened upon Charlie Chaplin's old home??

Brit things.

We went to see if we could snatch some cheap theatre tickets but Half term made them too expensive. We went out for pizza and cocktails at an underground bar instead! On the way home a decent rock band was playing on Oxford st.

We were pretty disappointed though and decided to go and try for 5 pound Matilda tickets in the morning. They have 16 tickets for u/25s and we were numbers 14 and 15. So.. cutting it close haha.

It was so early... christ.
We then went shopping - both vintage and high street.

We got to the convention pretty late Friday but it was all right since we then missed any sort of queueing. We got changed quickly and then walked around a bit, taking advantage of the not-so-crowded spaces. 

I filmed during the convention as well! Saw a lot of super great cosplayers.

And then we went to Matilda. It was SO GOOD. The songs were a riot and the scenography was just the right amount of simplistic and creative. It was so funny as well!

Saturday meant the last time I wore my Astrid ! Very weird feeling. I got to see some great Toothless though !

And naturally we spent the evening watching EuroCosplay. The Danes were flipping hyped which made it so much more fun haha! We went to eat Indian with the Danes afterwards and then had a few drinks and dances at The Fox. Great fun!

Sunday was the great Spies day. We were very happy with our decision not to wear them Saturday as it was packed enough on Sunday. We didn't get to do anything but walk the convention floor or pose all day ! Intense. But really nice to feel people's excitement.

We then went to celebrate Oli's 25th birthday. Big boy got his cinnamon once we went outside hahah...

Monday Stine dragged me to the British Museum and talked about her great passion for all things Greek. It was great to hear all the not-so-known facts!

The museum had an exhibit about banking?? ? But I got to give it to them.. that is a beautiful construction.

We then hurried to Savile Row to the last Kingsman location I just HAD to see in London... The tailor shop. We stood outside and had agreed to not go inside under any circumstances. But the shop clerk invited us inside where we found the chaNGING ROOM from the film. Which I had been 100 % sure was a set. But no. So we were very happy.

 Nerdy shopping is good shopping. I've wanted that Quidditch jumper for four years... so I indulged.

Aaaand then we were SO close to missing our flight. But we made it in time. All good. Everything that ends well...

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