fredag den 13. november 2015

Craft-y GeekCore

Step-by-step photos of how I did my flowers for the art nouveau Mulan by Hannah Alexander! Plastic bottles can be high fashion as well... Center of flowers is made of ear buds.

I made the dye for my dip-dye skirt out of a mix between tea and home-made pine needle extract (to give more of a red hue).

During and finished dye!

Belt and shoulder pads.

Prepping for Eggsy was mainly choosing trousers/shorts/skirt and then freehanding the pixel artwork on my winged sneakers.

Thursday was tribal dayy.

"Finished" Mulan (without beads)

GeekCore was so tiny this year. It felt super empty and quiet. It was nice to hang out with friends but I probably won't attend again.

Even though the fact that they host parties is pretty brilliant.

Glasses really do make a difference...

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