fredag den 27. november 2015

Spooky Autumn

All Hallow's Eve came and Snapchat had some pretty fun manips...


+ naturally I went to a dress-up party. I hung out with the Americans first (thinking they'd freak because of Halloween but being disappointed - still lovely though) and then went to Werket.

 Picture doesn't show the dress very well - it's super flowy and witchy !

Brain cake and dancing - what more would you want out of life?

 Then it rained for 2 weeks straight. Not so fun. Got to hang out with Julie and talk about our UC trips though!

After a brain shut-down (writing my bachelor thesis has proved annoying) I went with mum on a walk in the orange and red hues. It was great to see them before they were gone.

We even lay down and napped for a bit!

A week later I went to Dyrehaven with Izzie, since the bigger trees still had their colour. And we saw deer (as always)! But we got super close this time.


It felt so refreshing and the colours looked amazing.

It's funny how much more meaning I put into every Denmark-memory I am making these days. I guess I want to enjoy it before I leave for California.

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