fredag den 26. juni 2015

Lucky (?) Summer


Then came prep for my last exam before SUMMER - the oral on our Harry Potter thesis. Julie and I buried our noses in books for two days straight and then went and got great results! It was such a fun project and she was so the right person to write it with - we had 2-hoour long procrastination breaks where we watched HP flicks.

 It was crazy hot and we sat outside for at least 5 hours each day. Hurray for balconies!

I looked preppy for my exam but underneath I had Hermione with me. Plus an added portion of good luck - shhh, don't tell anyone that I cheated with Felix Felicis.

In the evening my parents took me out to crêpes to celebrate!

Yum yummm. And Friday I went with Pernille to see some free ballet at the Royal Theatre.

It was lovely but also different to see some less perfect ballet.

The sun shone harder than ever...

...And left it's mark. Ouch.

Saturday I went with Gabi to a theatre flea market and FN92 (vintage shop) sale. I found a really old Disney Dragons jumper at the theatre market + an old safari hat but it was really a rather small and uninteresting collection.

 I picked up my Ofelia dress from FN92! They had a Mucha themed photoshoot a year back and I absolutely fell in love with this dress and the photo with it in - and now they'd heavily discounted the price tag so I snagged it up. Destiny spoke haha!

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