søndag den 21. juni 2015

Celebrational Cabaret

I finished my second written exam about Makeover TV and my Mum took me to see Cabaret at the Royal Theatre to salute my work  haha. It's set in the 30s in Berlin and I dolled up.

The show was much more about Nazi-Germany than about glitz and glam which was a bit annoying, since it was supposed to be a celebration of the almost-completion of the semester.

A few days later AmaNille and I met up to eat some cheesecake at Bertels and relish in my new-found liberty.

It was fantastic with some great company.

Moment frozen in Polaroid.

Now I am completely free after my oral exam about the Harry Potter thesis and it feels super weird to have no strings all of a sudden. Buuut I still have to prepare for my California trip so I have loads of deadlines still.
To procrastinate those I did a full clean-up of my hidden gems. I found some really old shit and this poster we did in the first Disney Store team four years ago! Such a fun momento.

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