tirsdag den 9. juni 2015

Dressed-up Avenger

(Crazy busy times have been had. Now I gotta catch up!)
First things first. We had a store celebration party! It was super chill but I decided to dress up for once.

See? Pizza for dinner, table football and limbo. It felt like being back in primary school (as you can see by the childish decorations too) - except of course for the drinking and the wild dancing. We had so much fun!

And I laughed a lot with these two crazy young ladies. 

Around this time I also went to Miss Mariah Freefall's performance at Cosy. She's a coworker of ours and it's super fun seeing "her" in such a different element.

Look at her shine. She's come such a long way already from 4 months back when we made the short film documentary about her!

I also went to a pre-screening of Avengers with these sillies. It was a good watch, but I do enjoy their one-off movies better. With more characters the narratives seem a bit too unstructured for my tastes.

The tickets were not that pricy and we got so much stuff - it was crazy. I've shown some here but we actually got a full goodie bag with magazines, cosmetics etc.

And the kids near my house had made it real simple for me to find my way. Kind of cute.

I Disneybounded Captain America. I think he just might be my favourite Avenger in MCU? Which is weird because I so do not like him in comic-verse - maybe it's the Chris Evans effect? Or the fact that his movies have the best scripts?

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