torsdag den 11. juni 2015

Springtime Exams

My cherry trees bloomed fully in the sun.

 This attracted a massive amount of bees. I could hear a bloody symphony all the time - even with closed windows.

We've had some movie nights at Pernilles. But last time she took out her entire makeup collection and she did my makeup. Yes, we are apparently seven years old and actually for once had a stereotypical sleepover. I had leftover glitter on my face for days....

The beautiful weather didn't stick though. The past weeks it has been changing from sunshine to heavy rain within minutes. Which meant a too-quick death for my sakura and a horrid springtime for everyone.

But there is something nice about thunder and lightning. I hate the heavy air but the sight is brilliant - and for the firsst time in years I actually saw a real lightning bolt (not just the white pop of colour). (first by

It's lipstick season!

Exam season is upon us. I wrote an assignment with Julie about Harry Potter and fan culture in general. We were energetic workers and finished it in just 5 days.
Which gave me time to watch Avengers again!

This time in IMAX. It was my first time experiencing it and I'm actually not a big fan. I don't like how you have to sit straight all the time for it to work properly and the price tag for the ticket is just excessive (thank god for free tickets).

 I then soldiered on with my exam on Makeover TV. With a little help from my friends hot cocoa and tea + the nearby greeneries for short walks.

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