torsdag den 2. juli 2015

Birthday Events

After my last oral I am officially on summer break! I've slowly geared down and tried to relax - many bubble baths have been had. 

Gabi asked me to come model for a new vintage shop's photoshoot. I agreed to spend some great hours in her company - she did hair on the shoot.

60s styled. They all kept telling me that they would have never been able to pull it off. 
When we went out in that sun yellow dress and older woman came up to us and started talking about "back when she wore an outfit just like that". It was really nice to share her nostalgia.
And I am a sucker for the make-up...

My 22nd birthday arrived. It turned out to be simultaneously a very sunny and wet day. The rain and hail (!) showers were short though. 
I was met with our traditional morning table...

... with presents on top. I got some tools for my drawing tablet and a Storyboarding Course in London in August!

I had a short 4-hour shift and then met my parents and aunt at a café. I love love loveee Luna's milkshakes since they are really rich in taste + has vanilla cream instead of whipped cream on top!

I wore red and white like Dannebro to really celebrate haha!

When we got home my feet and legs really hurt but I soldiered on and went to Allan's birthday party where a good portion of my own friends also participated. Stine and I actually wore the same dress haha - curse having the same taste in clothes! The look on our faces when we realized was said to be hilarious. 
I danced happily for four hours but got cranky at the DJ in the end haha. So I went home to rest before my Sunday shift!

After Disney I went to Rasmus' and the round trip got rainy.


On Tuesday I went with Mum to see the Sankt Hans fires at Christianshavn. It was really big and the nautical theme was pretty great! It's such a nice tradition and I was happy to spend it with family because I won't be able to next year (when I'm in Cali!)

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