mandag den 1. december 2014

Christmas Amusement Park Party

 December 1st has come once more! For the first time we'll be wearing Ear Hats during the festive month to come. They are super cute! ALSO. I was appointed one of the Store's Disney Ambassadors! Keeping that Disney spirit going since 1993 ~

 We had our Christmas Party a few weeks back. We ate together and then went clubbing - we even met Santa!

 During the party we had quizzes and games. We had to make potato figurines - so my team opted for a Rapunzel+Pascal duo. Here you see Kenneth posing prettily with the latter.

I went to the midnight screening of Mockingjay P1 because Abena scored some cheap tickets and I didn't have class on Wednesday. It was a great film, but it greatly lacked the kind of excitement that makes you hold your breath - something that the two previous instalments have accomplished.

 I played around with some Capitol hair!

Rasmus took me to a flea market that had marketed itself as the "film industry flea market" but it was the same kind of knick-knack that you see everywhere. I did find some vintage earrings and after Rasmus pointed out how much those brass objects I'd found looked like Harry Potter cauldrons... There really was no choice but to take them home.

I tried a Honey Lemon-esque look. Personally I feel like I resemble her a lot - she even has my exact eye colour!
New dress and new room decor! I decided it was time to bid adieu to my beloved Toy Story poster and instead hang up my Hipster Aurora sign and the art print I bought in Paris this summer. It looks very pretty together with my glow-in-the-dark stars...

.. Riiight?

I went to Tivoli on their opening day for the Christmas season. Aybike came along and we decided to Disney it up! Lesson learned: If you want to make the entire visitor population under the age of 10 jealous of you, just wear glowing ear hats.

We ate at Wagamama first. Girl Date mmmhmhmhmh.

 Pretty girl and pretty lights. Though I liked the Russian Christmas from the past winter seasons better.

I was so surprised at the scale of the new mountain tops on the old roller coaster! They were so tall - and even had a water fall! Surprisingly high production-value.

There were sooo many people there though. It was worse than Disney! So after playing "Kiss the Girl" and taking a stroll through the more quiet part of the park we headed to a café instead.


In editing I made a new friend. Sisse babysat her besties dog. She was the tiniest little baby!

This week we've produced entirely on mobile devices. We've filmed, edited, published... It was a great excersise and we went to Tivoli again! I tried more rides than I've done in a long while and got to see the evening light show.

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