fredag den 5. december 2014

Jolly Potter

Santa came early (on the 1st!)... Bringing a gigantic sack of magical words. Remember that new edition of Harry Potter books that I was crushed I couldn't buy at a discount in London? Well, I found that the publishers had a xmas offer for just 5 pounds more! So I hurried to buy them so I was sure they'd be with me for the Holidays. Christmas really reminds me of Harry Potter and I love to watch the films and read the books!

 I bought the paperback versions since I got the Danish ones in hardback last year. Also, the paperback and hardback boxes are different and I really like the painting on this box.

The books themselves are ever so lovely. The letters are embossed and the books feels super soft. 

And there's a map of Hogwarts and its' surroundings! That's something I believe is a new feature?
 I remember loving those kind of maps in fantasy books, so I could actually make sense of this world I dived into.

 The child reviews are really cute haha! I was wondering if they'd made chapter illustrations but the stars are cute as well...

They have back cover illustrations as well! I really love these four - Draco and Snape on covers! Wow!

 Christmas has come! Chocolate calenders, advent gifts and that warm feeling spreading through your body....

I'm always super happy in December haha!

 I finally had some time to just lay around and watch telly. And boy have I watched some. 
Orange Is The New Black was kind of cool, but did occasionally bore me. How To Get Away With Murder had a interesting narrative design that really got me hooked and I actually liked its' "monster of the week" plots.
And then I've seen a looot of Bollywood films. Which is something I'd like to invest more time in because I get so darn happy every time I watch one haha!

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  1. Hvor er det bare en sød udgave! Kan godt forstå du var loco efter at få dem i hus ~ Kortet over hogwarts var da også en sød ting at komme i, som jeg lidt følte man havde manglet i tidligere udgaver.
    Glædelig jul <3