onsdag den 24. december 2014

Dragalicious Christmas

Christmas means ballet at the Royal Theatre. This time around I brought Emilie with me for the Danish ballet "Et Folkesagn" from which our traditional wedding waltz originates. We both went in without a sense of what story we were about to experience but very quickly during the introduction we found out we'd both played in school performances of it! Cool trip down memory lane...

My Queen streak has been quite impressive this year... She was present for this performance because it was one of the dancers' 40th anniversary performing in the Danish ballet.
I really loved the scenography - look at those black/white/pastel framings. Just lovely.

D'Angleterre has a lovely The Nutcracker display. Apparently took 4 months to plan and create.

We filmed our last documentary production last week and went location scouting at Cosy Bar. I felt like dressing up a bit in my new Di Depux jewellery.


Also, I got this super gorgeous Lush eyeliner in Amsterdam!

Christmas à la CPH.

 I got to see Big Hero 6! To think that this pre-screening takes place 1,5 months ahead of the Danish premiere but 1,5 months after the US one. URG. 
I loved the designs of the film - the colours were rich and details quirky. It was a very funny film as well - Baymax made me giggle so much !

 The main filming day arrived. Which meant following Drag Queens around! It was super fun to stalk them and we all had a blast partying alongside them.

 Bringing my A game to compete with their hotness haha.


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