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London Exposed


 I had not planned on attending MCM London Expo this year. But since it became clear that an incredible amount of familiar european cosplay faces were going... I just couldn't resist going to socialize with them! 
I jumped on an air plane Thursday after classes with Sabine and Line. Bine did such a good job keeping calm ! 
We parted ways upon reaching London since we were all staying with different friends. I took a route that lead me past the Shard and Tower Bridge - always great to make your head understand that you're abroad!
 Just a few days before arriving I had finalized my stay at Robin's haha - so last minute! It had been a few busy weeks and I'd just not had time to plan ahead. She lived in such a cosy neighbourhood!

Friday Robin came with me to the con. We had to queue for about an hour and I was a bit quicker to go through - so I quick changed into Aurora!

We hurried to the Platinum Suite where Dave Gibbons and Mark Miller was having a panel about comics and adaptations to the big screen. The panel was a surprise bonus since I hadn't know they were going to be there. It was super interesting!
We came to get proper seats for the Daniel Radcliffe panel - and he was there fore about 20 minutes. Kind of terrible haha.

We then walked the convention floor, looked around at the stalls, found friends and ended up sitting down to do a bit of origami.

I tried and failed. I used to be so brill at it - where did all my talent go?? ahha.
A guy sitting next to us gave me a rose he made since I wouldn't be Briar Rose without it. Super sweet!
The other Danes came late but I still had a Disney-date with Sabine. + I got a precious Disney Moment with some tiny girls, dressed up Potter-style, who came up to me asking for photos and ended up hugging me tightly. A-do-ra-ble.

Saturday I wore Elastigirl and was surprised at how many people recognized me. Lots of photos asked for, lots of voices saying "wow! an Elastigirl! that's rare" when I walked past. That was very fun! I also went to a Disney Meet-up and met some fellow Incredibles! They were so nice - it was Bob's first ever cosplay (made by hand and all) and Edna's second.

Then the Danes went queuing for EuroCosplay. We came to the panel beforehand to secure seats - so I know a lot about a web-series called MorganVille now. We even saw the first episodes.
The EC Finals were great but as always kind of draining because there are SO MANY contestants. I actually think there are too many - a 3 hour long show is too long. Dear Stefanie won 2nd price wooo!

Soph and Gabi invited me to the after-finals dinner and a lot of ECG peeps were there. I talked with a bunch of new faces too - including this older American couple I presumed was confused about all these colourful youngster... but turned out to be very acquainted with the convention scene since they are Jessica Nigri's parents.

Sunday I went to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries panel and met them at their signing area (I got high fives for my good turn-out of the exam I wrote about the series).

We walked around a bit but mostly just sat in one place because we were kind of tired of all the people everywhere. This led to me missing a lot of things on the convention floor - I saw some just before closing time because I was walking around with Gabi, but upon returning home I found out they'd had a Big Hero 6 area. But I still got to see some nice things - I even found a booth with the graphic designers Mina+Lima from the Potter movies!

They also had an area for the new HP editions that just came out. AND had a special offer of all 7 books for 30 pounds. My heart bled a little when I had to turn that down because of too little space in my luggage. 

Kristina is so sappy haha!

We went with Lea to eat at Nando's. Urg saying goodbye to international friends suckkkkkk!

Monday I went to Goldhawk Road with the dear Germans and we ate lunch at a small diner while there. There were problems with the tube but I also made it to Oxford St. to buy some quick neccesities in Primark and Boots.
And then I was home-bound. I deliberately took the same route back to the airport because I liked a the pretty lights I rushed past in the train. A great frame for my time in London too.

Normal clothes anD FLIPPING XMAS WEAR. YES. People were going crazy over the new jumpers haha. The one I bought can play music. Not kidding.
And my pretty fabrics. Look at all that glitz. It's for Stella.

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