torsdag den 18. december 2014

Dutch Family Outing

I went with my parents to visit our family in the Netherlands from the 5th to 7th of December - just a long weekend. They live right outside of Amsterdam and so we went there. It felt very similar to Copenhagen - just more crowded and less interesting. But maybe I just visited at the wrong time.
 And yes, that is a santa soap.


 Saturday the weather was really fantastic! Not at all winter-y - just sunny and fresh. We sat down outdoors at a café, walked a bit around... and found flat æbleskiver (Dutch variant apparently).

Nice 'n' stuff.

 Local foods. YUm. Apple syrup is amazing with cheese.

The Light Festival goes down in Amsterdam in December. We saw the works from a boat ride, but the windows were not equipped for the cold weather and the experience became quite foggy very very quickly. Some of the works were lovely enough - I liked the lights mounted on the bridge in the last photo.

And the Rainbow Bridge was cool too!

We also went to Rotterdam to dine one evening. The plates there were crazy big and so was the colourful lamps.

We drove past and through the Erasmus bridge - it was spectacular! 

Super cool that the angle you perceived the construction from changed the view as well !

But as always, it was nice to return to cold Denmark - with the normal round æbleskiver.

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