lørdag den 29. september 2012

Blasting off into the Genki

Next stop on the summer's event schedule was Genki-con, again held in Roskilde. I had been sick up until the con, and had to finish one of my cosplays on Friday before heading to the convention. SO I arrived really late and most of the ElfQuest group we had put together had gone home or changed out of their elves. But my precious lifemate was still present!

 Friday consisted of joking around, seeing the opening ceremony and just catching up on all the news with the people you hadn't seen in a while. 
And then I went to Sille's place to sleep alongside Aybike and Sasha. So naturally we didn't sleep until very late (girl talk and scrubbing of my brown skin takes a while!)

Photo by Hopy.
We had to get up terribly early the next day to ensure our ride would pick up us. It was a very slow start to the day, but we did make it and got our lazy arses to the con.

For the first time in YEARS I had a cosplay planned for every day of the convention. It felt so weird to not have a "chillax day", but the experience was fun as well. I made these Lum cosplays with the doll, Line, and we rocked our tiger stripes in an unholy high summer temperature. Everyone was feeling wayyy too hot - look at them samurai sweating - and we felt refreshed.

After the grand cosplay show we sat about and had something to eat while the rest of the convention folk went on a cosplay walk around Roskilde, lead by those marines with a Nyan cat. But we needed the rest, haha!

 That cake was the perfect sofa in the shade. And Sørine was the manliest Mako you will ever see.

In the evening I participated in a Pokemon event, where you had to create a custom Pokémon in just 5 minutes. I created Spidermon on Rasmus (notice the lovely multiple eyes) and others went nuts with the alternative craft supplies. It was such a blast!

And before we knew it, Rasmus and I had become the Pokémon commentators under the code names "Jens/Sten" and "Ulla". We had our fun.
The following ours were spent with talking and yawning and half sleeping, haha.

The very last day came. I was sick and tired of bodypaint, but I had to put it on for yet another Sunday, since I would have to match my Aladdin's skin tone. The other new costume I made for Genki-con was Jasmineeeee.
And yes, that is us, crammed in possibly the smallest car on earth on our way to Genki.

Photos by Line and Silas.

My Aladdin is a co-worker of mine from Disney who came to me and asked if he could cosplay with me. It was real fun introducing him to the mental world of conventions, haha.

But that was that. A warm, fantastic weekend had passed and to end this post I leave you a great shot of Tenna's Lady Loki, looking incredibly classy. As ever.

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  1. Årh hvor er det rart at få nogen Genki feels.
    Det var så dejligt at se dig og særligt at se dit Leetah i virkeligheden!! :'D! <3
    (Ps, don't leave me with ya expensive as shizzle bag next time man. Jeg var herre bange for nogen ville komme og rulle med og stikke af med den :'D <3)