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20 years of magic

Remember how I was in Paris? And how I work for Disney Store? Well, I so happened to have collected some free Hopper tickets to the parks and ECG Team Denmark all went together! We went Monday after Japan Expo had finished and therefore had to change hotels that morning - which made us arrive late in the park :(

Click me!

Luckily the weather forecast had promised rain and rain and rain, so not a whole lot of people had turned up for the day!

The public transport system had been belated as well, so we made Bell, Julia and Janne wait for us... But then the Disney adventure began!
Trivia taim: Did you guys know Disneyland Paris celebrates their 20th anniversary this year? They opened their gates on April 12th 1992. Which of course meant loads of celebrations and special events.

Cool concept posters for the attractions and kids playing in Discoveryland.

We arrived just in time for a small parade!

To Infinity and Beyond... We all agreed that 7 people were too many, so we Danes just continued on our own. And we got free passes! Some for Space Mountain (not for me) and some for BUZZ' LASER BLAST!!

While waiting for our time slot we looked around Fantasyland, saw the cuuuutest little Snow White and decided to take a tour in small world!

It's always so cute, and you never have to stand in line too long.
Gosh, that Mickey beanstalk was mental! And yes, I do belive that guy is posing for the camera.

Tangled face characters and the gorgeous book of Sleeping Beauty in the castle!

There was a dragon in the celler. A DRAGON. PARENTS, WHY DID YOU NOT TAKE ME THERE THE LAST TIME. I was obsessed with dragons when I was 9, haha.

I was shocked when I saw the Evil Queen appear out of nowhere in that window. Oh, anyone fancy trying out for the sword in the stone?

Look at all that sun! No rain whatsoever and we just had a blast. I had my fun with Prince Philip.

And then we had Fast Pass time! So Ida and I went laser blastin'. Zurg was going down!

I was fangirling like crazy.
I kept my cool and composure.

W00p w00p!

Guess who won? ;) Ida was just so happy that she scored more than 300, since she had been miserably bad last time she tried on another visit to the park.
Aaand that store... Say hello to my new home!

We ran into sci-fi Minnie and Mickey and I had a picture taking with the lovely husband.

Then we moved on to Studio Park! I sure was happy to see that Walt and Mickey statue!!!

Time for some flying carpets feat. Genie!

Sigge's haaaiiir....
This was probably the attraction we stood in line for the longest. I was ridiculous! It said 15 minutes in front of the ride, but it took more than 30 minutes...

Tower of Terror seriously gave us the creeps. We got goosebumps just looking at it. Urg, never going into that one.

I would so hang that poster in a frame on a wall.
After that short visit we returned to Disneyland to get in line for the Tarzan show! I thought it had been stopped and I was really sad I had not made it in time to watch it - so the girls agreed to watch it with me.

The show began. And so did my excited shivering.

The acrobatics were quite frankly brilliant.

And then Jane appeared!! And Tarzan went into creeper-mode, haha.


The end, shake off the goosebumps, move on.

... To Studio Park once again! I had changed into my Jessie cosplay and therefore had a bit of a wanting to get some photos taken in Toy Story Playland.

So we did that, trying not to attract too much attention, making sure people understood I was not a face character (I may or may not have ripped my hat and hair off every 2 minutes after some shots were in the can).
The attention to detail in that part of Studio Park - and Disneyland in general - was/is just so amazing. It's just such a shame it wasn't larger ;( And I missed the Rex figurine!!

Upon returning to Disneyland yet another parade was starting! We had real good timing, haha.

That Simba animatronic was so bloody impressive! IT MOVED. LIKE A REAL ANIMAL.

We luckily managed to get almost front row seats because we arrived in the park from another direction than the other Guests. WOoo!

Smee being cute, Mickey being a champ and Tink being her bitchy yet super cute self.

After the parade we went to the Haunted House! Another MUST for every visit. And when we returned to the outside world and visited the cemetery, darkness was slowly starting to fall.

Strutting through Frontierland's western streets before changing.

Walking by Pirates we noticed it just had 5 minutes of waiting time, so we stormed in.

... It was fun. Almost a bit too scary for my nerves after a stressful week, haha.

Sleeping Beauty's castle illuminated by the setting sun. That is some beautiful s**t going on. And the Tangled meet 'n' greet stage was left empty, so we filled it. Naturally. Refer to above image of real face characters + child to see our accuracy to original photo.

A lot of the restaurants were closed by this time. And the other ones had KILLER lines. So we we frustrated. I ended up not eating anything, so I was a bit dizzy on the metro towards home. NOT GOOD.

In the pursuit of food I checked some of the boutiques out. Very cute and nicely decorated. I DID NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING (yes, that is a lie). And of course the streets were getting more pretty with the lights in the twilight.

Fantillusion on parade! Another good spot was given me, and I actually ended up beside some Danes who kept looking at me, since I was wearing the traditional Danish student hat, ahha. I couldn't really get some neat photos because the light was a pain in my arse.
But then...

Disney Magic !, the anniversary castle show started at the park's closing time. And it was just. Simply extraordinary. I was so damn close to crying and I felt my mouth fall in awe. I stopped taking photos because I wanted to be there in the moment, just experiencing it in full.

I have never seen anything like it. I was so happy to be there with the others. It's a day I will never forget.


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  1. Jeg vil også til disney land ;_; <3<3

  2. You make me miss going to Disneyland Paris every year in secondary school ; - ;. Though I never had the chance to see the castle by night, that's really beautiful~

  3. Awww, DisneyLand Paris looks exactly like I remember it ♥
    Love all the photos - bring back so many memories :'D

    The Tarzan show looks amazing *_* I would've been crying like a baby if I saw it, haha! I probably also would've cried is I saw the castle at night...oh my god, it looks amazing!!!
    And it's sooo cute that you wore your graduation hat in Disneyland ♥

  4. Aww I hope that I'll get to visit a disneypark with you someday Liv ♡
    It looks like you guys had a GREAT time~!