tirsdag den 9. oktober 2012

Theming it up

I have attended wayy too many themed parties lately. Starting off I went to Dennis' and his flatmate's birthday party which was western themed. Cowboys and indiansss! I came as a cowgirrrrl with a shiny sheriff star attached to myself.

They had really gone all out and dressed the venue. It was so impressive and created an amazing vibe! And as part of Dennis' gift, Sille and I showed him our mad western dancing moves. See, we'd spent a good amount of time learning this:

 The boys had been cowboys all evening but then they were gone for a little while - and returned with colours everywhere! Haha, it was so great!

We had a really good evening with games, dancing and laughinggg. 

This was back when it was actually sort of warm. Urg, I miss the warmth of summer already!

Ooooh boogie boogie boogie, hey! Let's yodel to the break of dawn !

 Hello fantastic instant photo. 
Next themed event coming up was the superhero/super-villain annual party. A bunch of my friends had assembled on Team Xavier or Team Magneto's casual x-men group. And they had t-shirts! I was actually in the group too, but my red dress didn't arrive in time for the print.

 Sty wet all-in with her Jessica Rabbit costume and her bf was pretty darn great as Thor!

 I was a chillaz Scarlet Witch, haha. And Dennis was semi-transformed Beast while Rikke wore her Little My. I was astonished when I saw Rasmus' "mask" - he made it from scratch and it's just so beautiful.

 The venue for the party wasn't the best, but there were a pretty big bunch of well-known faces present and they made the event fun, even though it was also very relaxed.

And then I recently had to be some kind of science fiction creation, so I played around with make-up. I personally like the one on the left the most, since it's a bit more alien imo, but the other one is more playful of course.

Themes are fun, but I am a bit drained at this point. Is Halloween really this close? D:

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