fredag den 21. september 2012

Offering I Do's

Oh my god, I think I literary hate this new Blogger interface/blogging system, whatever. It is sooo complicated, I simply can't do the same setup as I'm used to. This short post took me like two hours, it's absolutely mental - what a way to make me want to stop blogging, well done Blogger!

I went home from Crete in order to attend my second ever wedding. Exciting stuff. So I put on nail polish for the first time in what felt like a year, rolled up me hair and made the finishing touches on the bride's jewellery.

The romantic day started off with a boat ride to the location where my Semiaunt and -uncle where to be wed.  After the vows had been said, the papers signed and the violinist had stopped his msuic we gathered for the reception dinner.

It was a very entertaining wedding, since Tim is British and therefore half the wedding party was speaking in English and had to be taught all the silly Danish wedding traditions (we have a LOT). The food was absolutely brilliant. After some hours of eating we headed back to the newly-weds garden for high tea. It was such a busy day and it way over before any of us had comprehended the passing of hours.

Kirsten's hair is always coloured nicely orange, so I thought it would fit right in if I wore this orange wonder. I love how assymetric it really is!

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2 kommentarer:

  1. Nej Liv, du må ikke give op :C <3
    Jeg elsker når du blogger!!
    - Det ser ud til at have været et fantastisk bryllup og en rigtig god dag <3

  2. Wow those nails!
    You look so pretty ;W;! and the dress looks wonderful on you!