mandag den 10. september 2012

Avenue des rebelles

We had a long day in Paris before our evening flight, so we just woke up late, had breakfast at a nearby place - it was such a delicious meallll - and walked about.

I went by Champs Elysées, since I think I sort of have to walk down that street to really believe I've been in Paris. And they had these big Brave posters all around, which had me sooo excited. Because I have to admit I had specific plans with going to Champs...

... I simply had to see their Disney Store. And they had sooooo much Merida merchandise! I was in a blissful state of mind, ahha.
I went to the Store to see if they had a very specific item, since I'd been strongly thinking about making the purchase of it, but it had not been delievered in my Store yet (and didn't later).

The LE Merida doll. The first time I saw the pictures of her I nearly squealed and I sort of already knew I'd have to get her. It just felt so silly, since I hadn't even watched the movie yet!
But I took her home with me, even though I knew I wouldn't open the box until I knew if I actually liked Merida's character. Buuuut... of course I couldn't help but fall in love with her and those cuuuurls.
But look at those details! The bears are to die for.

The box itself is pretty incredible. They sure made an effort to make it special, haha! Look at me going through three layers before reaching the Scottish princess.

"Welcome to hell." Those words should be printed on the back of every toy box. SHE'S FREEEE.

The details are just extraordinary! She's kind of perfect. "Perfect? She's not even wearing the dress in the right colour!" is what you say? Well, the early designs looked like this:

My favourite part is probably the cape - so fluffy and the inside pattern is just marvellous!

Urg, let me die of happiness.

So yes, I finally watched Brave on the Danish pre-premiere the 13th of August! I was bursting with excitement and have to admit I was a teeny bit disappointed - but also surprised about some parts of the movie! So it was a bittersweet sensation. So many of the characters were created with obvious love from the creators and the feeling of acceptance and family made my heart grow a little fonder - I really couldn't stop my tears from falling.


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  1. SDemkdmksemkdskemdks.
    Nu vil jeg bare endnu mere ind og se Brave. Fuu Liv

  2. Ooooooooo, the Merida figure is sooo pretty!

  3. Hnnng dat movie
    I always love the pictures you take for your blog!