tirsdag den 31. januar 2012

Interlocking a childish obsession

Yesterday I received my Disney Couture Tinkerbell ring/interlocking rings. Gold and swarowski! It's really lovely - way more pretty than I had thought from looking at pictures. I'm so glad I pulled myself together and purchased it, since I've been looking for gold rings - I only really had one and the gold has started to rub off (cheap-ass H&M), so I'd been in want of more.
Trust, faith, believe. <3

I've been hanging with friends after school these weeks, since I have been working on weekends. And I baked pancakes while Afnan was here. So nice to chat and eat sugary foods! My favourite pancake filling is lemon with sugar on top c:

I've been quite stressed/down these past weeks, so no time for falsies! I think I'm coming down with something - my whole body is sore... I hate waiting for a sickness, that you're certain will arrive.
And yes, those wedge boots are new.

During one of my shifts in Disney Store, I could not help but notice that the Woody and Jessie Hawaiian Vacation dolls were further reduced... And I took them home. Two dolls for 140 DKK (discount price, yessss) and you can take off the silly Hawaiian clothing if you just want them to be ordinary Woody and Jessie. So not point in resisting there. And I did really want a Jessie.
Oh Woody, you look FABULOUS, darling. Pink is you colour.

These things are still the worst. It is so time-consuming to rip the dolls from their boxes... I keep reliving my childhood frustration when undoing those metal hooks.
I hung out with Rasmus while freeing the new additions to my home Toy Story gang. He really likes TS too. As you can probably tell.

My entire Toy Story collection... Am I obsessed? How did this happen?

I did not blog about my Bullseye, did I? I was a wee bit unsure if I wanted to keep him or not upon buying him. But the new version is too light in the colour, in my opinion. SO I will keep him - especially now that I have a Jessie for him.

I live on tea these days... This bloody cold...


3 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg elsker hvor meget Disney "legetøj" du har. Jeg synes det er hella stilet ;D <3

    Surt med sygdommen, jeg håber snart den kommer så den kan smutte igen!

  2. PRETTY RING!! And I LOVE your new wedges!! :D ♥

    Oh lol so much toy story XD ♥

  3. Disney Couture jewellery is the best ♥ And those rings are sooo cute - I've looked at them before as well ;w;

    I think your Toy Story collection is cute - not obsessive at all. More like..you're becoming a collector :'D

    Bby, you can make pancakges for me every day! c: