onsdag den 25. januar 2012

Come at once if convenient - If unconvinient, come all the same

We are in January. Yes, I know - I am quick to tell you that. Yours truly, telling you important facts. Well, my point is that with January comes the January SALE. And of course I went out to shop a bit.
I got a basic shirt which you saw in my outfit from my latest post, a dotted shirt and a cute tee. And... A H&M Versace dress. They were 50 % off and I tried it just for the kicks. But then it just sat there, on my body... looking kind of good... and it wasn't made of polyester or anything like that (which would have made me skip on it) but of 100 % silk. SO I took it home. And it's really quite gorgeous and unlike anything else in my closet c:

Oh and by the way, when I said I worked on my SRP for two weeks straight I was completely lying. I watched the British BBC series "Sherlock", since some girls of mine (including the ones I am going to London with in some months) are really into it.

But yes, as you've probably figures out, I was utterly captivated. The smart dialogue, the complicated plots, the fact that my brain was so stressed out from not being able to follow... It was a fomular for success with Liv! In one day I watched the first season, the first episode of the 2nd and the live airing of HoB.
It's been a while since I was this intrigued by a group of characters. But it just WORKS. It's the perfect combination of confusing the viewers (not revealing everything) and conclusions.

You really feel like you know the characters after just one or two episodes. So you laugh along to their seemingly "internalized" jokes and cry your heart out when they feel pain.
And I am utterly intrigued by Moriarty. He is bloody mad and fantastic.

The day before starting Sherlock I watched "Game of Shadows" with my parents. Not complete waste of time, but I was not as happy with it as with the first. The acting seemed a bit stiff at times and it got a little bit bored sometimes - but Guy Richie's fast-forward-slow-motion is as great and delightful as ever and made the movie rise from its downers every time!

The weather has been cold, but I spent part of the weekend with Rasmus, walking about his area. And forcing him to watch the 1st season of Sherlock. But after watching two episodes he drew this Merlock.. And he likes drawing mermaids, so I guess that means he like the BBC series?


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  1. Oh January has THE best after holiday sales. So guilty for so much shopping haha! Glad you bought lots of cute clothes though xx

  2. Jeg glæder mig til at se dig i den røde kjole!
    VELKOMMEN TIL DEN GODE SIDE AF LIVET! Herover har vi Sherly og Jawn, og de er boyfraands, so that's nice <3
    (og aaawh, jeg bliver (næsten) nævnt. Du er så sød altså
    Ps, Merlock er herre sej

  3. Jeg ska til at se episode 3 i sæson 1! Jeg elsker oz bare den serie, it's amazing!! De spiller bare så godt! XD <3 Thx for sharing the fandom!

  4. The red dress..I can't wait to see it on you *-*