onsdag den 18. januar 2012

Not with a sizzle, but with a bang

Happy New Year everybody!! And welcome to the beginning of 2012.

How I spent my New Years you ask? Well, I went to this super party at Sabine, Kami and Nadia's house where they had gathered quite a crowd! I think we were about 20 people.
I arrived only to find I'd missed the Queen's speech - which is something I had never done in life before. So I was a bit chocked haha - I thought it aired at 7 o'clock when it had actually begun at 6. But oh well, the lovely folks made me forget all about that.

Me with Sabina and Tine with the uhmm... graceful? ... Nadia.

We were a pack of girls and then Ali, haha!
Everyone brought a dish for the dinner and it all tasted soooo good!

Quiche, lasagne, hotdogs, sushi, pasta, chicken... yum yum! We did well for a bunch of youngsters, ahha!!

And then it was time for a round of charades! Apparently it's a tradition at New Years for the hostesses, so it was a natural thing for them to do. But for me it was very different - and a whole lot of fun!
Oh, and yes, that is Nadia being Godzilla.

Me doing "Hannah Montana swimming".
And of course there were drinking. Non-alcoholic drinking (as always) for me, but the others went wiiiild <3

Groovy times! We had a rockin' party wibe in the house and whenever we looked at the clock and saw that it was still "only 9", "only 10", "only 11" we were so surprised, since the party was as alive as one at 3 AM.

But (finally) the clock hit 12 and the New Year began! I was so hyped up that I even forgot to jump off a chair and into the new year, haha! But we quickly rushed outside to light some sparklers and then went inside to sing along to the New Years' songs.

But of course there were fireworks as well! The castle nearby even sent up a lot too - it looked real pretty with the spires and all.
I love the ones that leave glittering lights in the sky - they remind me of a starry sky <3

I had such a good time! And after midnight the time really passed by quickly and before we knew it it was 5 in the morning, ahha.
Thanks for a great commencement of the new year !!


4 kommentarer:

  1. It was such a great New Year party! :D
    And we're super glad that you joined us! :D

  2. Waaaaoow nogle fede billeder :D man kommer helt i stemning. Lyder til i havde et brag af en nytårsaften.

  3. It was such nice times! 8D
    I miss it now :C

  4. I guess you're finally done with your big assignment since you're blogging again? c:

    And sounds like lots of fun ♥ ♥ ♥