tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Snow is falling like a tennis ball

The snow has (finally) arrived! Winter is over us! Which means... that my header is now season-appropriate again. I can't belive how lazy I am - wouldn't even bother changing the header during the summer.. sigh..

Last week was the Copenhagen Fashion Week. Wednesday I received a message from Line, asking if I wanted to join her adventure to a nightly event in Ginatricot. I wondered why the store would have a special event, but just agreed. And when I I went to work that day I walked past an enormous outdoor tele-screen, shouting out that the Fashion Week was happening. My first thought was "Already?" I feel like there's a FW every 2 months haha.

But it was all right! You got 50 % off all their products and they had tennis ball-shaped gums! That was extremely odd but had me giggling. It was really bad how many people were there though. We stood in line for quite some time and it was SO BLOODY cold.

These days my class have been making the final touches for our year book and we wanted a proper class photo, so I brought my remote and camera to school! Don't we just look lovely?

Oh, and I went to Glyptoteket with Sørine this Sunday... Since we were photo-shooting. But it's a secret project, so I can't show you any photos just yet!


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  1. It's been snowy here for a couple of weeks now - It's so pretty :'D

    And I hope you found some awesome stuff in Gina Tricot *w*

    ...eww the last photo..