tirsdag den 13. december 2011

Cinematic stress?

I have been to the theathres so many times these past weeks. I went to see Immortals with a bunch of people before going out. It was quite all right and fine entertainment, but I felt it lacked a bit in some parts. The storyline was a bit messy... When holding it up agaist 300, I could not help but think they decided to go for plot instead of feeling this time around. But 300 was better because you got to know the characters' feelings, even though the plot was lacking.

Visually it was wonderful! The effects worked as intended and costumewise I really liked the helmet work and the capes - they were so dramatic!

Alongside my French class I went to see "La fille du puisatier" (the well-digger's daughter?), which centres on Patricia, an 18-year old girl who tries to support her family, since the mother has passed away. One day she meets Jaques and they fall in love. But the first wolrd war is starting and he is sent away. Patricia discovers she is pregnant with his child - but now he is declared missing in the war. Jaques' parents want nothing to do with her and her own father sends her away.

It was a really good movie. It's been a while since I watched a French one and it adds so much atmospehere and beauty to a story. It was a chick flick though - all the fellas thought it was boring, haha.

And gosh, I was drooling all through that scene from above - the motorcycle was so classic and cool!

Last week was a bloody mess - I did nothing but go to school and write assignments. It was really horrible and my body was sore from constantly sitting down, haha. My make-up has been very toned down for the past month or so... some days I cannot even get myself to apply mascara.

Some girlies from my class and I went to watch In Tiiiiime. I'd been looking so much forward to it (you know I love my sci-fi), and we sort of hyped each others up. So of course I was a bit disappointed - but mostly due to the fact that I did not find Justin attractive, as I'd been expecting I would.

I like the design of the sets - the simplicity mixed with the OTT.And the storyline sometimes really surprised me - which I had not foreseen, since the trailer seemed so clear to me.
Amanda Seyfried's character, Sylvia, is very different from everything I've seen her in before - I cannnot believe how diverse she can be. It's really impressive.
I loved that Sylvia felt so attracted to Matt (Justin) because he was mysterious, but then hated him when she found out who he really was (okay, so she was held captive by him and that might result in hate...) AND THEN she went on to loving him. Did someone say Stockholm Syndrome?

And these two things were the most surprising. I won't spoil the first one, but the fact that Alex Pettyfer was in the movie was a big chok! We all just looked at each other, eyes wide open, when he appeared. He had not been in any trailers or on any posters! He was really cool as lowlife mafia bosssss!


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