søndag den 27. november 2011

Russian Dawn

Photos off here.

Monday after J-popcon I went to pick Benjamin up since I was going to "babysit" him. We went into town where I showed him the wonderful world of a Danish Burger King and taught him how to pronounce our words (he did an excellent job! (not))
But then we went on to Tivoli Gardens, the amusement park. Christmas in Tivoli started the 11th November, and for the first time in my life time they had a new x-mas theme - Russian Christmas! It was really neat and was SUCH a great surprise!

After some hours Sørine and Abena joined us - after they'd finished work.
In Tivoli you either buy just an admission ticket or a tour pass that allows you free access to all the attractions - I had not bought a tour pass in 3 years before this Monday, haha. And the best thing about having bought it was that there were NO LINES ANYWHERE. So we tried a lot of things more than once.
But it was so cold. 3 degrees or something - I was wearing lots of layers, but by the end of the day I was really freezing.

And there was even a lights show in the evening. Tivoli is amazing at night time. We had so much fun! And it was nice to just relax with Benjamin without all the convention hype around us.

And look at these babies. I bought the sort of cheap and love them to death. But they're quite tall. I'm usually good with high heels, but I'm shaky and wobbly on my legs in these ones.

Wearing the leo wedges and my J-popcon t-shirt that we also received as winning prize. It's a little big on me though.
And I changed the cosplay on my mannequin! It's now my darling Jane! ... She does that up a little space. But I'll manage just fine. I'm really proud of it.

And then I went to watch Breaking Dawn part 1... Alongside my old Twilight buddies. We liked the books before the movies came out and thought it'd be fun to watch this movie together like we did with the first movie. It was really like skipping back in time. Scary how little we've changed in some ways. It was nice to see them again <3

And I got a chance to use my Team Jacob t-shirt, haha! I think Sørine gave it to me as a hate gift two years ago... Wolf pack style! Or something.

I wasn't impressed with the movie. Some things were funny and nicely done, but anything but would be embarrassing with the amount of money they use on this franchise.
The 4th book really does not have enough plot for an entire movie let alone two. So a lot in the movie was a waste of time and I felt myself get bored. And the only dramatic thing in it was Jake and Rosalie fighting.


4 kommentarer:

  1. I love the Russian theme!! Especially the swans - oh my gosh, they're beautiful *-*

    Tall wedge-hells are crazy. BUT THEY LOOK HAWT!!!

  2. Alt for mange gode og nice ting i det her indlæg .. o___o !


    tivoli, tema, sko, j-pop, Jacob .. Liiiiiv <3

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