torsdag den 22. december 2011

It won't be long, yeah, yeah yeah, It won't be long

Guess what? My Christmas Holiday has officially begun!

I am one very happy girl. And exhilarated. And ecstatic.

"God jul" as we say it here in Denmark (--> Merry Christmas). I've decorated my room with all sorts of Christmassy items. A lot of them are actually heirlooms - like that little gold Santa sleigh. It was given to me by my great-grandmother. My christmas decorations really mean a lot to me.
Mmmmhm, honny cake.

A tacky glowing Santa figurine and the sun setting. It's so unbelievably silly and I love it with all my heart, haha.

resize image

Dannebrog for nationalism? And my gorgeous x-mas triangle (hand-me-down from my grandfather). It is so nice to come home from school when the first thing I see is that triangle lighting up my room - it an really make my day.

This sunset was very different from a lot of the others I've seen. I really cannot remember the last time - if ever - I saw a sunset like this. Parallel stripes lining the sky.
Of course the city center has been lit of with all kinds of lights too. They made me so happy the first day I saw them.

I love watching the sun set over the city's old buildings. It makes them shine so much more and I cannot help but think of the old days. Gosh, I would have loved seeing the cobber while it was still gold.

Last week I watched The Help (or as it is called here Niceville) with my dear mother. I actually like the English title best even though the Danish poster is a better showcase of the characters. The text in the upper part says "Change spreads like rings in water."

I enjoyed the movie very much. It's a very good story with a heavy meaning (racism in the US in the 60ies) - but they somehow manage to make the movie seem light and easily digested. One could say they sneak all the grave themes into the movie in such a fluent manner that the viewer finds it natural.

The acting was very impressive. Viola Davis' Aibileen was incredible believable and her feelings were evident and clear. Bryce Howard as Hilly (redhead) made me cringe and evoked an anger more powerful than I've felt while watching a movie in a long while - I really wanted to kick her sorry little arse. And Jessica Chastain as Celia (above, right) was quite surprising, since she was so likable (I'd thought she was a character I would hate - but I ended up liking her very much).
Of course Emma Stone also did a fine job, but the others were "my" stars in this movie.

I am very excited to see how many Oscars this one might bring home!


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  1. Julepynt med historie er det bedste. Jeg har selv en nisse på en slæde jeg fik da jeg var 5 eller sådan noget. For det er jo hvad julen er, traditioner <3

  2. Merry Christmas!
    I love Christmas decorations no matter how cheesy they are ♥

    And now I feel like watching The Help again *w* Such an amazing film!