onsdag den 21. december 2011

Wish you a Disney Christmas

Look at the Store all dolled up! I am absolutely loving the new designs for the magical trees - Christmas all the way! But I am honestly surprised that those silver trees could fit in the Store - when we first received them, no one thought it possible that they'd fit in anywhere. The Store is pretty much stuffed already, haha.

Of course Christmas has brought some x-mas items into the product line. And although the Disney Christmas ornament-thing is new to me, I just could not help myself when seeing these two ornaments.

Santa Mickey and Jaq & Gus in the glass slipper! Especially the latter is amazingly well-painted - it has so many impressive details! And I am so very happy to have bought them, because the Mickey was the last one we had in stock - and we have not had him in stock ever since. And two days after I bought the slipper, they were sold out as well - and has not yet returned.

Look at them! So cute. And made out of porcelain too. I really like the glitter on Mickey and the glass slipper is just magnificent! The light is reflected so beautifully.
The two mice is probably also one of my best Disney Christmas memories - in the danish version (at least) Gus bursts out "Merry Christmas!" when congratulating Cindy on the dress they have sown for her.

And I actually think they look good on the tree - even my parents agreed. Not too childish or unconventional.

Decorating the tree was so much fun! It always brings to me the Christmas spirit. And opening my advent presents does too, haha (like the one for the 4th advent in that bag).

Subtle make-up for work and the Stitch I recently bought! His price had been reduced and combined with my discount the final price was 70 % under the original, haha. So lucky!

Some weeks ago we, in Disney, held the danish traditional Christmas lunch/dinner/thing. We held it in Charlotte's home and had a wondrous feast - so much amazingly tasty food. And of course good company too.

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Silly Cast Members.

Real dinner in the oven and sweet dessert in the bowl. Asger looks slightly psychotic with that knife. But he is not, I really promise you.

Julian eating Malena - GASP! And Marc with his utterly corny but fantastic x-mas tie.

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Lovely guys, just lovely.

The managers had planned all sorts of activities - quizzes, raffles etc. It was really challenging and fun, haha!
And naturally someone brought along the Disney Singstar, so we enjoyed some time with that as well. I spent the entire Circle of Life duet singing Swahili!! I had to put so much effort into not bursting into laugher like all the others.

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I had a real fun night! And I do apologize for the gif overload.


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  1. Jeg elsker når du opdaterer om dit liv. Gør det MEGET mere :D <3

  2. Jeg elsker GIF'erne - lovely! :D

  3. The Christmas decorations are SOOOO cute *w* Wish I could see it in real life!

    And Christmas dinners with lovely people are just the best <3