fredag den 4. november 2011

Tricking the treat

Happy belated Halloween! I was feeling really unmotivated this year so I was just going for the easy outfit. I was actually going to be a witch. With spiders in my hair etc. But then I totally forgot to bring the hat up from my basement. Just typical, huh?

I wanted to try and draw a spider web around my eyes. But my eyeliner is running out so I couldn't make the lines as thin as I'd liked. But it looked all right.

I went to Dennis' and his flatmate's Halloween/Housewarming party. A lot of people I knew were there, so it was great fun. All of the participating guests had dressed up somehow (you must remember Halloween is not a danish tradition, so all Danes are not totally keen on dressing up for it).

Rasmus was the scariest scarecrow ever. When he came to pick me up in the car I had a fit,, hahha. I was so chocked!
They'd really done a great deal of work to decorate the flat! Blood, spiderwebs and jack o lanterns all around. And dry ice in the drinks to make them spookier!

Kit's nails were so gross. I couldn't really look at them.

I'm glad I went! Even though I was a wee bit tired the next day at work.


4 kommentarer:

  1. The makeup, Liv - I LOVE IT *-* And the outfit too! The spiders in your hair makes my head itch, ahahah xD
    And all your friends wore super awesome costumes as well! So much awesomeness!

  2. Ååårhhhh Liv!!!! Du ser fucking lækker ud. Smækkerhalloweenlækker. Elsker edderkopperne i håret - kan man ikke gå med dem til daglig??
    AD, de der negle... :'(

  3. ååh du er nydelig! Likte særlig antrekket ditt : )