fredag den 28. oktober 2011

Batmobile sonics ACTIVATED

Last week was the fall break from school. And guess how I spent it? I wallowed in my utterly pitiful state of sickness. I was sick through ALL the break. 10 days. And it sucked so hard (since I was supposed to have been sowing on my cosplay all that time.)
But I did do one cool thing to remember the break by! I went to see BATMAN LIVE last Saturday!

I went with my parents - it'd been ages since we'd done anything together like that. My mom and I in front of the stage on that polaroid.
I got those batman shaped papers from the show as a kind of souvenir. I'm such a collector.

I wore my Batman jeans to bee a fan, haha. And my BOOM tee - sort of cartoonish. Some people looked at my jeans with jealousy and I even got a few compliments on them!

BEWARE: I will post pictures from all of the show. If you're going to see the Live I'd advice you not to read on.

The location (that looks so much smaller on these photos than how it is in reality). The stage was set up as Gotham City before the show started. I loved that miniature of Arkham Asylum!

And then the light on the (Batman shaped) screen changed and we all knew the show was starting.

Out came all of these random people and a speaker read aloud from what was obviously headlines and newspapers - talking about crime and the dark night protecting Gotham. It was a really cool way of introducing Batman.
Catwoman and Batman fighting on rooftops - they really put the giant screen to use in this scene and it actually worked.

Catwoman has never been a favourite of mine and I really didn't fancy her costume. But she was sort of cool gliding down that rope to steal some diamant.
The scenography was really simple thanks to the screen but it was just so fitting for Batman! I especially liked the circus - and the acrobats was so great.

More bendable women. And the Riddler!! I loved him! His movements were so fluid and yet powerful! I really like his character too. Two-face actually annoyed me in the show though.

webcam to gif

Cool fighting sequence! And massive Joker prop!

cam to gif

Sometimes they'd change scenes by flipping through a comic book that came alive just like in that gif. It was so great! That was absolutely my favourite moments of the show since it was so effectual and created the perfect frame for a Batman tale.

Harley Quin being absolutely amazing. And the grand finale before the intermission - shooting those batman shaped papers (further up depicted) off the stage!

More Jokerness followed the intermission. And Harley just got greater. Look at that body language! She was a treat for the eye - even my father said she was his favourite!

And then. THE BATMOBILE. It was really neat. It just did not have as much stage time as I'd thought it would have which was a shame - I liked how aerodynamic it looked.

Those men in hanging chains means that the action now took place in Arkham Asylum - gosh, I loved that setting! Really eerie - and Scarecrow was so scary haha!

Poison Ivy (who had a ridiculously long introduction seeing as she only had 5 minutes on stage) + Batman and Robin checking out Catwoman's ass.

I liked the show even though Batman himself was really lame (his armor was way to shiny and he was really stiff). The villains rocked my socks!

It's really nice to have this memory to look back on already.


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  1. like.. i wanted to see it as well here in berlin <3

  2. Omg, I wish I had known about this ;_; I absolutely adore Batman! Really nice pictures you've taken!

  3. Your outfit kicks some serious bat-ass!

    Oh my gosh, now I look even more forward to seeing it - since Kenny and I have front row tickets for the show in Herning :'D

  4. I sooo wanted to see this! D: Awesome photos, though :D