lørdag den 19. november 2011

Everybody knows him - that's Tintin!

I went to watch the pre-premiere of Tintin some weeks back with Dennis. I had really been looking forward to this movie, since I'm a fan of Hergé's comics - I've been reading them ever since I was 6. So naturally I wanted to watch this as fast as possible!
We went to Imperial and they had this really spectacular display in the cinema - as always, but this one was actually better than usually.

The doors had these stickers on and it reminded us of some optical trick, since you almost felt like the glass was coming your way. Such a shame about the door handles though.

Look at that display! They were life sized and epic. And the details were quite impressive.

Now, I wouldn't say that I didn't like the movie. But as a long lover of the comics, the movie was a bit too Americanized. For example, suddenly the American dream played a big part in the plot. But I did like it. It was really well made when it came to graphics and Tintin was such a surprise to me - I loved how he had been done! The voice is just perfect. He was the one I had dreaded would fail the most.

Some scenes were too long, some too changed from the original comic storyline. But I did enjoy it! The 3D was also very well put to use. And it was unexpectedly very funny.

Then I also went to a birthday party. Two of my classmates held their 18th celebration together and it was a really good party. The hosts seemed so happy and relaxed and that affected the rest of the party!

And some of last week went with sowing cosplays for last weekend's J-popcon. Can you tell by the fabric lying around that it's the darling Jane that I was working on, haha?
And yes, that is my sowing machine after having been town apart. Something broke inside the machine on Tuesday, so I had to separate it and make some repairs. Gosh, I was so afraid I would ruin it forever. But now it works amazingly! I felt and still feel very hardcore to have kept my composure and have fixed it.


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  1. I love it when there's displays in the cinema!

    Btw you fixed that sewing machine LIKE A BOSS!