fredag den 16. september 2011

Partaking in democrazy

The election campaign has been going on for the past 3 weeks. Cardboard adverts, television commercials and political debates all over. And it came to its conclusion yesterday on the UN international democracy day.
Why was this important to me? Because I could vote for the very first time, since I am of legal age (18 in Denmark).

Monday we had a debate on the school with 4 representatives from 4 of the 9 parties. But unfortunately I didn't find it all that interesting - after 2 weeks of nothing but debates you're quite tired of them.

My voting card! Look at that - it says "Miss Liv"! Haha, that is so grown-up... or not. Really old fashioned actually.
My feet while voting!

Yes, my dad was sort of proud. Hence all the photos. Folketing Election 2011!

After work in the evening I went to some friends of mine's election "party".
Every time all the parties' election letters came up on the screen like that, I started reading it like a real word. "vaobføick"... I was confused for some nanoseconds before realizing my own stupidity every time haha.

making a gif
Making a gif

It was real exciting. We all looked like that guy on television. At one point it was pretty much 50/50 between the two wings.
And boy, it was a long election night! All the votes weren't counted until half past midnight... that's an hour later than last time!

But Helle Thorning Schmith and the red wing won. She is Denmarks very first female Prime Minister - that is grand in my opinion. Almost like Obama being the first black President. Just in danish scale.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Fedt at få den første gang du stemmer dokumenteret! :D og det er ret vildt vi har fået en kvindelig statsminister!

  2. It's kind of cute how your dad took pictures 8D My first time voting too! *high five*

  3. Awwwwh, your dad probably thought "When did my little Liv get so big and adult?? *sobsob*" :'D

    HAHAHA, I love that yo went to a small election party! So passionate!

    I was so tired of all the political race - I just went early to bed and then read the result on DR's page the morning after election :'D

    Ville også tage sygt mange billeder af dig, hvis jeg var din far :b <3 <3 !!

  5. Og tænk at jeg stadivæk aldrig har stemt, siden jeg altid har boget i udlandet, uden en dansk ambassade i nærheden.. le sigh!
    Men Kvinde-med-fantastiske-grå-øjne vandt så det er ligeså godt, det hvar hende jeg ville stemme på~ tralala
    Det føles bare som om det ikke er en big deal i danmark, at statsministeren er en kvinde. Kind of like, oh yeah, a woman at the head of our country. Moving on. I frankrig ville det sgu være OMFG no way! XD