mandag den 5. september 2011

She used to look at me. this way, like really look. and I just knew I was there... that I existed.

This Saturday I went to watch Super 8 with my family. I had been looking forward to it ever since I saw the headline about this feature in some Empire magazine - they simply stated that J. J. Abrams and Spielberg was making it. But it was enough to evoke my excitement! So I guess I had decided to love the movie even before watching it. I wasn't waiting to see if it would live up to my expectations, since I really didn't have any - I was just waiting to see it.

1979. Joe Lamb just lost his mother and has never had a good relationship with his father. He clings to his group of friends like his life depended on it. One of the boys in the gang, Charles, is making a film for the Super 8 film festival - a zombie movie. But they need a female lead and a midnight shooting by the train station.

But a train passes them while they're filming. And a car drives out in front of it, crashing head-first into the thing. All hell breaks loose and train carriages shoots in all directions. The kids drop their camera and run for life - but it is not turned off during the whole chaos.

Joe recognizes the train as Air Force, since he builds models of them. But what was the Airforce doing driving by their little town? Why would anyone stop it in such a violent manner? When is all the mysterious disappearances of dogs and electronic equipments going to stop?

The children all did a remarkable job - I was really there with them all the way. And I must say that I am a fan of the Abrams flares.

I've been watching all the old sci-fi movies from the 70-80'ies all throughout my childhood and this new movie really served as a compliment to those. The way the suspense and plot was put together, the purposely grainy feeling of every frame instead of the usual 2011-sharpness and the filming style of angles... It was a very good experience to see all of those classic elements being presented once again, yet reborn slightly differently.

Relaxed outfit from one of these days... See what I'm talking about weather-wise? I had to wear a knit that day! A different kind of sky every morning.

And in other news... I GOT INTO POTTERMORE. FINALLY. I had been home half an hour before checking my email. I sort of flipped out. Astrid mentioned something about me calling her 14 times...


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  1. Awwww, I'm so jealous :( I got in on third day of registration, so I'll have to wait for a long time!

    I saw Super8 too, and I really liked it. It's not like all the other movies we see these days.

    Kind regards

  2. Jeg vil forhelvede også ind på Pottermore >:C din dumme skid <3
    Halstørklædet om hovedet klæder dig rigtig godt!

  3. They still send it in the cinema? That's awesome - 'cause it's sooo good :'D I think they children did an amazing job with their roles c:

    And I love that you write that you have to wear a knit because of the weather; but you still have bare legs xD Looks kinda odd to me - but I luuve the scarf and 'simple' makeup!


  5. Omg I keep forgetting about Pottermore, how can it be? D:

    Hey there pretty girl! Jeg kom bare fordi din blog, såden, out of nowhere, og syntes den er dejlig relax.
    Og nu sidder jeg og tænker at jeg faktisk tror det var dig der hvar ved kassen da jeg købte en tshirt i Disney Store sidste månede.. wicked XD