onsdag den 21. september 2011

Missing a stupid barbarian in car

I have been to the theatre SO many times these past weeks (where I have not really been blogging). I think I've just really felt an urge to watch movies in the short periods of free time I have on my hands. Work and school at once is hard, and it takes a little getting used to.

This Monday I went to the screenings of "I Miss You" and "Tomboy" since the Copenhagen film festival Buster is happening these weeks. Tickets are 15 DKK for every movie instead of the normal prices of around 80 - excellent! I've been to Buster the past 4 years, so it's almost become tradition...

"I Miss You" (originally Jag Sakner Dig) is a swedish movie based on a very popular novel. It's about Tina, one half of a twin pair, who suddenly has to deal with the loss of her beloved sister after she dies. It was really good - yet of course incredibly sad. Ariellah and I cried pretty much through the whole thing.
"Tomboy" is about this girl Laure (it's a french movie), who pretends to be a boy, when they move to a new town. And then everything goes wrong for her, all the lies wells up. It was a surprisingly short movie! A very small story too, but nice.

Sunday I watched Cars 2! FINALLY! It's just that it's only been running in the day-time between 1 and 4 when I've never had the time to go see it. But now I finally did! I've been looking forward to it like crazy ever since the first time I hosted The Disney Store Cup Race - look at that uniform we get to wear!

And then I've watched CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE with Abena on a complete impulse. She just called me and asked if I wanted to go and I figured we would make it juuuust in time if we both ran to the station NOW. Haha, it was really funny to stress about it like that.
The movie was sort of confusing - sometimes it felt as though it was a chick flick, sometimes a macho movie and then at some points it went all "family genre" on us. I mean, what did it want to be? Shouldn't you pick a genre? But it was a very entertaining movie! I liked the dynamics between the two male leads.

I also got to see Conan: The Barbarian the very last day it ran in theaters in Copenhagen! I had expected the plot to be non-existing and was therefore surprised to see an actual plot. The acting was lacking though - but I hadn't really thought it to be good.
I loved you the forest scene reminded me of Robin Hood, haha!

Tamara, the female lead, was supposed to be a super pure monk - and then she slayed a couple of evil dudes and snogged Conan like crazy. That really didn't make any sense. Her character was not outlined at all, haha. On the other hand Marique, the evil witch, was executed very well!

Wow, so many movies. Makes me dizzy just thinking about them...


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  1. Det er da mega sejt at I får nyt tøj!! :D elsker raceroutfit <3

  2. Going to the films is such a nice thing :D

    And you look sooo cute in the Cars-suite!!