søndag den 2. oktober 2011

Packaging away a Porter

Life is hectic at the moment. It's terrible in some ways but also quite amazing in others - I really get to test my own abilities like this.
The other day I was waiting around for Abena and stepped into H&M just to pass time. And then I just HAD to get this dress. The different shades of pink are adorable - at least in my opinion. And look at how well they match the color of my Sonia wedges!

The 17th I went to a fellow Cast Member's "Farewell June" party. This Monday, she has just journeyed to Burma on a 5 month trip that will probably change her life in some ways. I haven't known her for all that long, but she's got the best heart and I will really miss her.

In other news: I've started this year's J-popcon cosplay progress. I'm working on Jane Porter right now. I've always liked Jane, right from the first time I watched Tarzan, and I am looking so much forward to walk around in that huge yellow get-up <3

Hooooh, being a happy Harry Potter fan in disguise. Nimbus 2000 rocks! It wasn't until the end of the day that my classmates noticed that it was a fan shirt, haha.

I received my package. The package containing my prom/ball dress. The dress that is by one of my very favourite designers and that I bought so cheap - you won't even believe - off eBay.

But you've got to wait until April before you see it! (yes, I am such a tease)


2 kommentarer:

  1. That dress looks super cute on you c:
    But a hectic life can be so hard when you have school, work and social life to attend :c

    Woooah, 5 months in a country like Burma - good you guys had a farewell party for her!

    I can't wait to see your Jane cosplay ü Ü Ü!!!

    I'm actually a bit scared of buying "brand" items from Ebay - there's so many copies out there; it's hard to see what's authentic and what's a replica :c

  2. The colors suit you ♥

    Uuuh and Jane Porter!! OMG I REALLY wanna see that!! :O Waah I'm sure it will fit you perfectly, your features already remind me of her haha! It's perfect I'm sure *Q*

    And envy of long hair haha XD