lørdag den 20. august 2016

Cruising with the Stars

After comic con, I was dead. I did however find the energy to go to the beach with Laura. We drew for some hours, jumped over waves until we got tired, saw a couple of DOLPHINS, and then headed to Santa Monica to watch Ghostbusters. The tickets were surprisingly expensive and we were a little mad - until we saw the reclining seats that the theatre had. They were great. 

Instead of going grocery shopping, I baked rugbrød from back home. Best. decision. ever. And then Heather and I went to a fancy diner for a midnight meal by the Grove. And Mira and I brunched it up on the Saturday.

Afterwards we drove to Hollywood and walked around the Hollywood Forever cemetery for a while. It was a cool spot, but not as fancy as I had imagined.

We found the grave of voice actor Mel Blanc (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the list goes on) and it was cute how decorated it was.

From then I went to meet up with Michelle and Laura from Fullerton. We were meant to go to this Tiki thing at the Egyptian - but for the first time ever they were sold out. Rats. And there is surprisingly little to do in Hollywood. So we tried to go to Griffith Observatory. Parking was impossible though.

Instead we ended up at the Alcove for a long hangout time just chatting and relaxing. We had a lot of fun and ate way too much.

The night wasn't over though. I got a lift to the Grove where I met up with Will to go to the midnight release of the Cursed Child. It was fun to be in Harry Potter-land again, but the event was organized too small, so it didn't seem as magical even though a lot of people showed up. Will left, but we found Mia from animation and I ended up getting the book with her and her friends!

 I spent the Sunday reading the book. I had and still have mixed feelings.

 I got Jay to come with me to the Tar Pits Monday. We had hyped ourselves up for the Broad, but alas - it is closed on Mondays. Tarpits was fun too, if a little small. I saw a real-scale mammoth for the first time and it was cool to see that it was a functioning research facility. We even saw a real bird getting captured in the tar on the site - a reminder of how the tar captured the large animals of the ice age.

LACMA is right by, so Jay posed for some quickies haha. And then we went to a Hollywood favourite - Pink's - complete with movie-inspired orders.

It was probably the fattest meal I have eaten in the US. But SO good.

Jay then drove me to my bus stop in Hollywood and I went to class in Burbank. I bought some cakes from Porto's and went back to Zia's and ate my cheesecake while watching Pride and Prejudice. 
Tuesday was spent relaxing at Ibi's, sketching and eating more cake. And then of course going to Gesture class.

My last beach outing with Laura came and we got the Chileans to join us. We rented bikes and biked around for a few hours (my rental was nice not to charge me for more than an hour).  Laura had me buy a alcohol-free Pina Colada and it was the best decision of the day. And afterwards we all went back to hers and spent some time in her pool.

Laura and I had talked Tiki for a while, and decided to make it a thing before she left for a month (and therefore coming back after my departure). We ended up being about 9 animation people going to Tonga Hut. I realized I didn't have anything tiki to wear and just went vintage flower-y.

 It was a nice little place! Super quiet and laid back.

 Tiki culture is such a weird part of America, but it's pretty fun.

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