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A Comic Con in San Diego

I had found out that San Diego Comic Con wasn't in the cards for me this year. But when Allan said he might be able to score me a badge, I started looking into it again. It didn't end up becoming a reality, but I found out that a lot of happenings were going on even outside of the convention. So I asked around for people wanting to go down to SD with me. 
On Thursday, Mike picked me up from Evan's. And 2.5 hours later...

We found free parking at the Qualdaquim (?) Stadium and ubered into the city. We soon (after a bit of confusion) found ourselves in Petco Park. For the Preacher panel! It was short but sweet. We stayed at Camp Conival for laser tag, which was surprisingly fun.

Starving, we sought out food and found trucks a plenty. I got the largest portion of meat n cheese fries ever. We couldn't finish it.
We continued around the convention center and went to a Entertainment Weekly thing at the pier park. It was so empty (which was kind of nice) - and we even saw Zachary Quinto. Of all the places. Because such a low amount of people went out there, we scored a whole box of free donuts too haha.

 I had asked if Mike would be OK with me going to the Her Universe fashion show at night (since this was his first convention experience), and he had told me to go for it. So I went to stand in line and found myself in conversation with this girl Marissa. She was a convention volunteer for the 2nd year in a row and we ended up sitting next to each other during the show. It was nice to have someone to gawk over the geek couture with.

Hostess Ashley stepped out in this dress. Ahsoka made out of 10.000 LEGOs. It basically blew everyone's mind (mine included).

 The show kicked off and it was really cool. A very different type of nerdy show to be attending. I made a video entirely for that:

 We voted for our favourite for the Crowd award, and I voted for the Wonder Woman dress - she had an amazing quick change and her patterning was superb.

I had a really good time, but it was frankly frustrating not being able to go into the actual convention halls. It was so close, you could SEE it... But the outside was buzzing with people queuing up for Friday's Hall H panels (we had seen people lined up already at 2) and it was quite entertaining to see. Really crazy, but fun to behold. I picked up Mike at the Hilton Bayfront after he'd gone to an Adult Swim evening event.


We then walked through the busy Gaslamp district and got ourselves a post-con Ghiradelli treat! On the way back to LA I realized that I had taken a lot of photos - but none of myself haha. I wore the right thing for that day. We walked A LOT and the flats were good to me. And Kingsman fans always get so excited when they recognize you. 

Friday I was back in LA. Super tired. I did however go to dinner with Laura and Will.

In the morning, Zia came to get me. It was our turn to head for San Diego. Traffic suddenly picked up and we were forced to take another route (we headed all the way over to Anaheim).

 4 hours later we finally made it to comic con. We had missed a few of the panels I had found out about, so we decided to just walk around for a little.

We powered up at Starbucks, where the barista simply wrote "Elastigirl" on my cup (cute). And then I ran into Richard Pini! He was so sweet and spent 20 minutes talking about Elfquest with me.

We went by ConX for a Nathan+Tuldyk thing and then headed for the Mr. Robot experience. And was met by a closed 4-hour line. So we did the super lame South Park exhibit. Afterwards we met up with Sam and his Simpsons pals. And they revealed that they could actually get us into the show. So we hurried to their hotel to grab the extra badges!

It was so surreal entering the halls of epic geekdom. We zoomed through the exhibit hall in 15 minutes (Sam whispered with a fright that it had taken him 3 days) and managed to get to some random VR panel. It was pretty interesting though, as I don't know much about that. 
We left to get dinner with Sam and the other animations, but this huge train was driving through San Diego. When we could finally see the end after miles and miles of cars, it stopped. Suddenly. Right in front of us. Blocking the path to the Gaslamp. After waiting for a long time, we were forced to walk all the way around, across the bridge and back down. Our feet were hurting so much. 
It was super late so we got dinner at some bar - it was wild to see how every single business was embracing the convention spirit. 

I filmed more stuff.

I had not planned on being in SD on the Sunday, but since I was now in possession of a badge... We stayed at Sam's hotel and I went with them on that last day. I got to take my time looking around on the convention floor, which was cool. It was however not so cool that I didn't manage to get in to any of the three panels I tried for. Everything required you line up 2 hours before which I am not that used to.

It was still pretty cool. When I stopped by Mark's (my gesture instructor) booth, he still recognized me and we had a nice chat. I was just tired and that newbie-shine had kind of left the experience in the end. So Josh took us to this place away from the convention center where there were no other nerds in sight. And then we drove on back to LA.

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