mandag den 6. juni 2016

Hip Deadline

 The end of Spring quarter drew nearer and I spent a long time finishing up the rough animation for my 2D project. Mira and I matched. And I even squeezed in a rigged green screen run for compositing week of stop motion class!

The plegde class got our berets. Lovely.
And Thursday I hung out with Sam for some quality anime time. We watched the first Digimon film, Summer Wars, and Wolf Children. It was fun to watch the same director like that.

Later that Thursday, the DeKAs picked me up from class to go Downtown. We were headed for Battle Royale - what Arianna had describes as "as close to Step Up as it gets". A hip hop dance competition. The groups were so impressive! They rehears every day at 5 in the morning, gosh... It was a good time!

I spent the whole weekend at the animation workshop with the other animators, finishing our films. We got a lot of food Saturday evening, so at least we didn't starve. We tried to make it fun with a few drinks and Hailey and I even listened to Harry Potter audiobooks.

And we did Taiso as per Mira's idea. And the animators using Mira's skateboard too much when animation became too much, haha.

 I tried getting some sun time too. It proved difficult.

I finished my clean-up and then transferred the first shot's drawings over to cels. It was fun to work a little differently with the project!

And then it was time for "finishing touches" on MagiCake. I did some more stuff in After Effects, looked through the entire UCLA audio library, and dealt with Premiere crashing on me for 5 hours. And before I knew it, we had been at campus for over 30 hours. We all submitted our films though, and went home. Sleep was bliss.

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